QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems

QuickBooks Printing Problems with Invoices occur when trying to print the invoices. Many times, the printer could cause such glitches. There are few things to help in fixing the issue involving making sure of the QuickBooks update, checking the connectivity with the printer. Meanwhile, install and install the print and PDF Repair Tool to fix this issue.


How to fix QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems?

One of the most important tasks of your company is to print invoices. You are using QuickBooks software for the accounting purpose of your company, so you need to know properly how to print invoices for your company, and you should also know how to fix QuickBooks invoice printing problems. If you face problems in printing invoices then you cannot concentrate on the everyday accounting of your company. There may be various reasons behind these invoice printing problems, you should know them too.

At first test your printer

If you face problems in printing invoices from QuickBooks for your company at first check the connection bord before getting tensed. In many cases, we get crazy finding the crucial problems of an electrical gadget like a printer, scanner, or even computer but in the end, we become a fool when we discover that the connection cords are not properly connected. So, first, check the connection. Then check whether the printer is working properly without QuickBooks. Check the link. Check paper. Print something ordinary, just to check the printer outside QuickBooks. If without QuickBooks the printer is working properly then it is obvious that the problem is with the QuickBooks set. You need to fix it.

What are the reasons for QuickBooks invoice printing problems?

There are many reasons and some of them are listed here so go through these reasons:-

  • If there is any change in the default printer
  • QuickBooks application have some installation issues
  • Check the paper tray that must not be empty
  • The printer installation is not done properly
  • While printing check that printer is turned on
  • The printer must not be inactive or offline
  • You are not logged in as the Admin.

Some common printing problems

  • Not able to print using Printer
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error codes:-
    • -41
    • -30
    • -20
  • Problem with a selection of  paper
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable errors
  • Desktop is not responding or working
  • The host of the printer driver is not able to run on a 32-bit application
  • QuickBooks Enterprise unable or failed to print
  • The forms or reports are not saved as PDF using QuickBooks software
  • W2 printing errors in QuickBooks.
  • The application of QuickBooks freezes when you are reconciling the accounts in it
  • Not able to create print
  • Facing QuickBooks error of application closes when trying to print, create, or email a payroll reports
  • QuickBooks not able to create the current action because of a missing component: Missing PDF file component
  • QuickBooks printing issues with invoices
  • Printing issues of QuickBooks with PDF
  • Not able to print the checks from QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks 1099 printing issues.

What are the things to remember before implementing the solutions?

  • Check and verify that your QuickBooks Desktop software is updated to the latest version if not then update it
  • You must check the internet connectivity
  • Also, check the Printer connectivity
  • The drivers of the printer must be up-to-date if not then update them
  • Do take the backup of the QuickBooks Company Data File.

Follow 5 Steps to Fix QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems

Solution 1- Verify that the Printer is functioning properly

  • Open the Notepad
    • Click on the Start menu then search for a notepad and then open it
  • Type TEST in the notepad
  • Then go to the File menu 
  • Click on the Print option
  • Select the printer that is working
  • Then click on the Print button
  • Check that it prints properly or not.

Solution 2- Restart the system and printer

In case, the first step won’t go well then perform the steps given below. If the test goes well in step 1 then directly jump to step 3.

  • First of all, turn of the printer
  • Also, Restart the system
  • After restart of system, turn the printer on
  • Check that the papers are correctly placed in printer
  • Click on Start menu button
  • Then click on Control Panel and open it
  • Select the option Printers and Faxes
  • If it shows the printer offline
  • Then press the printer icon and select the Use Printer Online option
  • Click on Printer option and check if there is any command in the Queue
  • If yes then click on Printer tab and select Cancel All Documents option
  • Shut down the computer you are working on
  • Turn on the computer
  • Then right-click on printer and choose option Properties
  • Click on the Print test page option.

Now check that the test goes well.

Solution 3: replace Qbprint.qbp file

  • At the first close the QuickBooks
  • Then you need to rename the file (QB file)
  • After that open QuickBooks
  • Then click on Print

Solution 4:

If you face the same issue again then please open one of your previously saved accounting files and attempt to print in the same form. If the printing happens successfully then you have to consider that your accounting data or even reports may be collapsed.

Solution 5:

In some cases, the problems come if you print your files in a batch. Check if you are printing your files in large batches. Try individual printing, or even in smaller batches. If the printing is successful then try to print your accounting files in smaller batches or individuals.

Solution 6:

Remember whether you printed the QuickBooks company file before for your company. If yes then follow these steps:

  • Check the connection of your printer with your computer. Review if all the cords are connected properly. Check if there are any internal problems or hardware problems in the printer.
  • If all are correct then switch off the printer, restart the computer and then switch on the printer again.
  • Go to QuickBooks, and then choose File and then Printer Setup. You need to check the printer setting for the form you want to print.
  • You can click on Help for more information about how to fix your QuickBooks printing problems.

Solution 7:

Be confirm whether you are using the latest printing drivers, if not then go to the authentic website of the company and install the latest printer drivers.

Use these helpful tips to fix your QuickBooks invoice printing problems. QuickBooks invoice printing is very essential for your company; you should not delay fixing the problem.

Solution 8- Try adjusting the Product or Service and Amount columns widths

  • Click on the Gear icon
  • Then select the Custom Form Styles
  • Search the Sales form
  • Then Under the Action, click on the Edit option
  • Go to the Content tab using the slider and resize the width of the amount or description
  • When it is done click on the Done button.


  1. What is the list of QuickBooks Invoice Printing Problems that users can encounter?

    There are many problems and some of them are listed here:-

    1. Not able to print using the printer
    2. QuickBooks Unrecoverable error
    3. There is a problem in selecting the printer or MS XPS Document Writer on the XPS Port
    4. QuickBooks Desktop software freezes
    5. The driver or printer is not able to run over 32-bit application
    6. QuickBooks PDF converter activation error code displays on your screen
    7. QuickBooks software is not able to save the reports or forms as a PDF
    8. Your desktop stops responding to the inputs.

  2. How to check for the printer’s latest driver to fix QuickBooks invoice printing problems?

    To check that you are using the latest printer driver here are the following steps:-

    1. Go to the official website of manufacturer’s
    2. Then download and install the later version of Printer’s driver
    3. Check for the error lights that must not be there on printer
    4. For information about your printer, check its documents that you get by the company or manufacturer
    5. After that, you have to check if any latest update then do it and you are done.

  3. How can I verify that my printer is functioning well and if there are any other QuickBooks invoice printing problems?

    To verify the functioning of the printer the steps are as follows:-

    1. Go to the Start menu button
    2. Then search for the Notepad and press Enter button to open it
    3. The Notepad opens up on your system
    4. After that go to the File menu then click on the Print option or you can press Ctrl + P buttons from the keyboard to give print command
    5. Select the printer that you are testing
    6. Then click on the Print button
    7. If it is functioning well then it prints the document properly without any issues or problems.

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