6 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Send Email Invoices

In QuickBooks, the user can face issues while sending their invoices to customers using an email. The error that QuickBooks won’t email invoices is one of the problems. All the problems are listed below with the solutions that help you to resolve them on your own.

You just have to follow the step-by-step process and then resolve the problem that causes QuickBooks won’t send email invoices. The reasons are also listed here that you must know about so that you can identify the root cause and then go with the correct solution.

Reasons that cause you the error QuickBooks won’t send email invoices

The reasons are listed here that you must know about; just go through it and find out you are the root cause to solve the problem you are facing regarding the invoices that you are not able to send to your customers using QuickBooks Desktop.

The reasons are listed here:-

  • The domain admin was blocked
  • You have set email preference incorrectly
  • Set the Email provider’s account security settings
  • QuickBooks installation is damaged.
  • Email settings are not right
  • The MAPI32.dll file has been damaged
  • Wrong Outlook Installation
  • The error occurs when Outlook starts in the background while sending an email in QuickBooks

Symptoms of QuickBooks won’t send email invoices error

Inspect the following sign and symptoms when the QuickBooks won’t email problem occurs in your software.

Things you need to consider before moving on to the Solutions

Some of those things that you have to do are as follows:

  • Check the Antivirus and Firewall in QuickBooks access.
  • Check the system specifications for Outlook software compatibility according to the version of QuickBooks you are using
  • Also, Backup company data file locally

How do fix the QuickBooks won’t send email invoices error?

There are various problems because of which you are not able to send your invoices to your customers using the QuickBooks desktop software. Here, all the problems with the solutions are mentioned. You just have to pick the solution according to the problem you are facing.  The problems and their solutions are as follows:- 

1. Problem One: Update QuickBooks Point of Sale

To fix the issue make sure that the QuickBooks Point of Sale you are using is updated if not then do I update it. To update QuickBooks POS the steps are mentioned here:-

A. For Automatic updates

  • First of all, sign in to your QuickBooks Point of Sale system
  •  Make sure that you have signed in as the administrator
  •  In QuickBooks, go to the Help menu option
  •  Further, click on the Software Update option
  • Now, click on the option Updater preference
  • Select the General tab
  • In this tab, click on the Automatically download updates
  • After that, click on the notify me options to get new updates
  •  In the end, click on the OK button
  •  Now, the QuickBooks automatically download the latest update and also install it whenever required or available.

B. For Manual updates

  • Sign in to QuickBooks Point of Sale software
  •  Make sure that you sign in as the admin
  •  then click on the Help Menu option
  •  Choose the Software Update option from the drop-down Menu
  •  Click on the Check for updates option to check that update is available or not
  •  If the update is available then the update now button is visible to you
  •  Click on the Update now button and then click on the OK button
  •  After the update, you have to restart your computer. 

When you are done updating the QuickBooks Point of Sale then check the webmail settings in the preferences window.

To know how to check and set the preferences follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Click on the Edit menu option
  • Select the Preferences option
  • In the Preferences window, go to the left menu
  • From the left menu, click on the Send Forms
  • Now go to the My Preferences tab
  • Choose the email account from which you want to send an invoice or you are using it
  • Select the edit option to do some changes
  • Tick mark the SSL box or you can also select the default option to get all the settings set as default
  • Go to the Server name field, and verify that the server name matches your settings of the email provider
  • When you are done with all this and everything is set according to the steps, you are all set. 

2. Problem Two: Email is not connected to your QuickBooks Desktop

Connect your email to your QuickBooks Desktop using Outlook and webmail. You have to decide which one you are going to use so that you can do the setup accordingly.  By connecting the email to QuickBooks, you can easily send your reports, invoices, and many other things in a simple manner.  Let’s get started to connect your email with QuickBooks Desktop.

A. To set up Outlook with QuickBooks

Step 1: Connect with your email or internet provider to know about the following information

  • Username
  • Password
  • Outgoing email server address
  • Incoming email server type
  • Incoming email server address

Step 2: Detailed steps to setup Outlook

  • In QuickBooks, click on the Edit menu
  • For the click on the Preferences
  • Interferences select the Send Forms
  • Now choose the Outlook
  • In the end, click on the OK button.

B. To setup your Secure Webmail with QuickBooks

 in the secure webmail, the user has to use the enhanced security to connect with the QuickBooks for sending emails to their customers.  Here, you get to know with which version you can use secure webmail, a few things you have to do before setup, things you must know about that, and steps to set up secure webmail with your QuickBooks Desktop account. 

Things to be done before you start the setup 

  • Secure webmail works when you connect your webmail account with a QuickBooks account or intuit account
  • The latest version of QuickBooks uses secure webmail because of a safer and easier connection with your email.
  •  When you are linked to your account then you are not required to enter the password to send the email to your customers. 

Versions of QuickBooks that are working properly with secure webmail

  • QuickBooks 2018- It is available for Gmail and Hotmail/Live users.
  • QuickBooks 2019 and above- It is available for Windows mail, Hotmail, Yahoo email, AOL, and Gmail. (Mozilla Thunderbird email client*) *Supports plain Text version in Mozilla.

Few things that you must know about

  • You have to sign in to your webmail If you are using the hosted environments while sending emails every time
  • It is required to set up the password (Complex password) for your company files if you add this secure webmail to your QuickBooks company file.

The process to set up secure webmail with QuickBooks

  • Click on the edit menu and do your QuickBooks desktop window
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the option preferences 
  • In the Preferences window, go to the My Preferences tab 
  • Select the option Send Forms
  • Choose the option webmail
  • In webmail click on the add button to add your secure webmail
  • Mention the email address and also select your provider from the drop-down menu
  • Tick mark the checkbox named use enhanced security
  • Then click on the ok button
  • Sign in to your Intuit account if it asks you so
  • A login page of the webmail provider opens up 
  • In this, log in and then provide Intuit access so that you can send invoices using secure webmail.

To set up webmail with QuickBooks

Before you get started, do the following things mentioned here
  • If you are having the most common providers then QuickBooks uses autofill information for the providers.
  • You have to enable your two-step verification account setting If you are using the webmail with your QuickBooks account. 
  • Check and verify your port setting and Webmail service with your ISP.
 The process to set up your webmail with QuickBooks
  • On your computer, open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the Edit menu option that is on the top left side
  • From the Edit menu options, click on the Preferences option
  • Further, select the option Send Forms
  • Click on the Webmail option
  • Then click on the Add option
  • Provide all the information in Add Email
  • After providing the correct information, click on the OK button
  • Again, click on the OK button to save all the changes that you have done.

3. Problem Three: Not able to connect with the Email Server

The error that you get in this problem is-

Could not connect to the email server: We are unable to connect to the email server for your email provider.


QuickBooks was unable to send your form because of the following reason: QuickBooks was unable to connect to the remote server but could not understand the server response. Please try again if the problem is resolved.

This error mostly happens with Yahoo email addresses so below you get to know about the solutions to fix it.  Firstly, try and even solution if still the problem is not resolved then proceed with another solution.  But still, if you are having some issues then connect with the QuickBooks helpdesk team.

Solutions to fix the connection problem with the Email Server

Solution A- Update your QuickBooks Desktop software to the latest version or release

  • On your Windows system open the Internet Explorer browser
  • Then open the QuickBooks page to update your software
  • Now select the product that is QuickBooks desktop or the product you are using like QuickBooks point of sale
  • Click on the Change link and then select QuickBooks software
  • Select the Update button that starts downloading the update file
  • Now, you have to choose the option to set up automatic updates. This option helps you by letting you know how to set the QuickBooks update automatically. So that it automatically downloads and installs in the Latest update releases.

Solution B- Check your webmail Preferences setting

  • In QuickBooks, click on the Edit menu option
  • Further, choose the Preferences option
  • Go to the left side pane and click on the Send Forms
  • Choose the account from which you have to send the email under the My Preferences tab
  • Then hit on the Edit option
  • You get a screen of Edit email info, go to the SMTP Server Details section
  • Set the server’s name and the port to the settings of your email provider
  • Now, that you are done with the solution, try to send an invoice using your email in QuickBooks.

Solution C- Set the setting to default in your Internet Explorer

  • In your Windows system
  • Open the Internet Explorer
  • Press Alt + T keys to open the Tools menu
  • Click on the Internet Options from the menu shown to you
  • Further, click on the Advanced tab
  • Select the Restore Advanced Settings
  • Then click on the OK button to close the Internet Explorer browser.

4. Problem Four: When QuickBooks is not accepting your password for webmail

Solution A- Update QuickBooks Desktop

  • On your Windows desktop
  • Go to the icon of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Right-click on the icon and then select the option Run as Administrator
  • In QuickBooks, click on the Help Menu option
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option
  • A new window opens up, select the Options tab
  • Click on Mark all checkbox and then hit on save button to save all the changes
  • Now click on the Update tab
  • In this tab, choose the Reset update checkbox
  • Now you have to click on the Get updates option to download and install the updates of QuickBooks on your computer 
  • Now you are done with the updates
  • Open the QuickBooks and now try to send the email to check for the errors.

Solution B- Check the settings of your email

In this, you have to open your online email service to check their settings. While checking the settings you can also filter preferences accordingly so that it won’t block the emails that you are sending using your QuickBooks account.

There are different email services so the steps are mentioned below according to your email services.


In Gmail, you have to check your application preferences to get to know what is blocking the connection for your Google account.

For this, you have to check the following things:-

  • You have to enable access to less secure apps
  • After that set the preferences for the specific applications like QuickBooks so that they won’t interrupt
  • When you are done with this you have to open the QuickBooks and try to send the email.
Yahoo! Mail

In Yahoo! Mail, you have to do the two-step verification process to check all the settings. 

The process is as follows:-

  • Open the Yahoo uh email
  • Then go to the security page of your yahoo account
  • Click on the two-step verification
  • Then also click on the allow apps that use the less secure sign in
  • Now open your QuickBooks account
  • Try to send the test email from your QuickBooks Desktop account. 
Other email services such as Hotmail, AOL, etc

For other email services, you have to check their security and filter settings and set them according to your requirements. Setting them properly won’t block your QuickBooks functioning by sending invoices through emails. 

Solution C- Check the settings of your antivirus

Antivirus is blocking the connection of QuickBooks from doing its functions. So you have to check for the exceptions port that is correct or not. To do this you have to search for an antivirus provider’s website to allow port exceptions. 

The put exception allowance is as follows:-

  • Port 465 to open for Yahoo Mail
  • Port 587 to open for Gmail and other email services.

Also, add a few names of processes to the list in antivirus so that the processes of QuickBooks can run easily and freely.

These processes are as follows:-

  • QBW32.exe- C:\ProgramFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks[year]\QBW32.exe
  • QBDBMGR.exe- C:\ProgramFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks[year]\QBDBMGR.exe
  • QBDBMGRN.exe- C:\ProgramFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks[year]\QBDBMGRN.exe

After this, open QuickBooks and send a test email to check that now you can send invoices.

5. Problem Five: Antivirus is blocking QuickBooks to send Email 

To resolve this problem, you have to change the permission of your system and also need to change the settings of the antivirus. 

The solutions were both the things are mentioned below:-

A. Steps to change the settings of antivirus

In this, you can do two things that are as follows:-

  • You can disable the anti-virus while running the QuickBooks or QuickBooks-related files.  But after you are done with your QuickBooks files then you have to re-enable your antivirus software. So you have to do this every time you are using QuickBooks software.
  • Another thing that you can do is add QuickBooks and their files in the settings of antivirus to get excess. This helps to run your QuickBooks software in files smoothly and easily. This also saves your time as you don’t have to enable or disable the software all the time. 

 B. Steps to modify the permissions of your system

 To modify the permission after the system you have to why did the name of the INI system file.

The steps are:- 

  • First of all, open QuickBooks Desktop software on your Windows system
  • Then press the F2 key from the keyboard
  • After that press the F3 key that opens up the Tech Help window on your dream
  • Click on the Open File tab
  • Locate and select the QBW.ini file from the list of files
  • Then open the file by clicking on the Open option
  • The file opens up in the Notepad
  • Now you have to add a new line in the Notepad at the end of the text that is- [QBWEBMAIL]CUSTOM_CERT_E NABLE=1
  • Then click on the File menu option
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Save option after saving close the Notepad
  • Now close the QuickBooks Desktop software and then restart it again.

6. Problem Six: You can’t sign in to your Gmail account using QuickBooks Desktop

In this problem, you have to reconnect your account using Gmail using the following solutions that are mentioned below. Just follow the solution step-by-step when getting it done so that you can easily send the invoices using email from your QuickBooks account. These solutions are as follows:-

Solution A- You have to use 2-step verification for the Google account

If you are not using a 2-step verification process then follow the steps. but if you are already using a 2-step verification process then you can give this solution and proceed with solution 2.

  • First of all, turn on 2-step verification for your Google account
  • Click on the Edit menu in QuickBooks
  • Then select the Preferences option
  • In the Preferences window, click on Send Forms
  • Further, select the Webmail
  • Then click on the Add button to add the information about the webmail
  • Now you have to provide the information in Add Email Info section
  • Then click on the OK button when you are done with providing the correct information
  • Now, again click on the OK button to save all the changes. 

Solution B- You have to turn on the less secure application access in the Google account

When 2-step verification won’t work for you then you have to turn this on that helps you to Access the less secure app into your Google account.

The steps are:-

  • The first thing to do is turn off the 2-step verification for your Google account
  • Now Turn on the secure app access in the Google account
  • Check the Security Standards properly to understand how it affects your account
  • Now open the QuickBooks Desktop application
  • Click on the Edit menu option
  • Choose the Preference option
  • Click on the Send Forms
  • Further, select the Webmail and then click on the Add button to add the webmail
  • Now, you have to provide all the information that is required in the Add Email Info section
  • After providing the information, click on the ok button
  • In the end, to save all the changes, click on the ok button again. 

Solution C- In QuickBooks, change the Enhanced Security settings

In this, if you have sent Gmail to use Enhanced Security then you get the screen displayed of Authorised QuickBooks Desktop. This displays to you whenever you try to send a report or a transaction to your customer using Gmail. In case, if you are unable to authorize your QuickBooks Desktop application; you have to reconnect your Gmail account with your QuickBooks account. After connecting both accounts, you have to choose the option Use Enhanced Security. When you are done with this try to send a test email with your QuickBooks to check for errors. 

Alternative Solutions to Fix QuickBooks won’t Send Email Invoices Error

Solution 1: Confirm that QuickBooks is not running as an administrator

Here are the steps to check if QuickBooks is running as an administrator:

  • Right-click the QuickBooks icon and then click on Properties.
  • Now select the Compatibility tab
  • If Run this application as an administrator is selected, deselect it.
  • If you see ‘Run this application as an administrator which is in gray, first select Show settings for all users
  • Select Ok
  • Now, restart QuickBooks which will solve this error.

Solution 2: Make sure the Email preference is set correctly in QuickBooks

If you use Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server, open Outlook and log in before you begin checking the choices you set in QuickBooks.

  • Click ‘Edit-> Preferences -> Send Forms
  • Now select the My Preferences tab and click on ‘Send E-mail Using’ and set the option you want to use.
  • Now, click OK
  • If you find the choice to be set correctly, follow these steps:
    • Select ‘Edit -> Preferences -> Send Form’
    • Select the ‘My Preferences’ tab then click on ‘QuickBooks E-mail’, and then click OK.
    • Click on Edit -> Preferences
    • Select ‘Outlook’ and then click on OK
  • Now, shut down QuickBooks and other applications.
  • Restart Windows and then, restart QuickBooks
  • Email the report now.

Solution 3: Make sure the email preference is set correctly in Internet Explorer

Steps to confirm the email preference is set correct in internet explorer:

  • First, shut QuickBooks and then open ‘Internet Explorer’
  • Click on ‘Tools > Internet Options
  • Now, select the Programs tab
  • Check if the correct email application is set as the default email application, i.e. when you send an email through Outlook, Outlook should be elected and vice versa for Outlook Express.
  • Close the ‘Internet Explorer
  • Now, Open QuickBooks and email the report.

Solution 4: Test and Repair the MAPI32.dll file

The test and repair steps are technical and should be done by an IT professional:

Use MS Word to Test the Functionality of MAPI32.dll

  • Reboot the computer and open again Windows
  • Open a document in MS Word
  • Click on File > Send > Email as PDF Document.
  • If a problem occurs, communicate with Microsoft Support to fix problems with Outlook or the Office suite and MAPI settings
  • After the issue is resolved, email the report.

Repair MAPI32.dll

Steps to repair MAPI32.dll:

  • Close all Windows and then click Windows Start
  • Go to Computer and click on C:\Windows\System32
  • Double-click on the ‘Fixmapi.exe file’ and understand all the guidance on the screen
  • After ‘Fixmapi.exe’ stops working, you can restart your system.

Rename MAPI32.dll

This should just be done if repairing MAPI32.dll does not solve the issue.

Steps to rename MAPI32.dll:

  • First, close all your applications.
  • Use File Explorer and first, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033
  • Change the name of ‘MAPI32.dll’ to ‘MAPI32.dll.OLD’.
  • Restart your system and run ‘Fixmapi.exe’ again
  • If ‘Fixmapi.exe’ is closed, restart the system

Solution 5: Reinstall QuickBooks with Clean Install Tool

Steps for QuickBooks users to Reinstall QuickBooks with Clean Install Tool:

  • Close all the web pages and applications after saving all unsaved tasks.
  • Clamp the Start button and type task manager.
  • Once the ‘Task Manager’ window opens, stop all processes related to QuickBooks.
  • Next, use the Clean Install tool to change the name of all QuickBooks applications and files.
  • Restart your computer
  • Check if the folders are not renamed and change their name manually.
  • Uninstall the QuickBooks accounting software and restart the computer.
  • Hold your license and product number nearby.
  • Insert the installation disc into your computer’s disc drive or download an installation source copy from the Internet.
  • Run the installation and then follow the on-screen guidance.
  • Start QuickBooks and reactivate your software.
  • Go to the Help Menu and Update Your QuickBooks
  • Start your QuickBooks company file and try to send an email.

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  1. How can I check the version of QuickBooks POS before updating it to fix the QuickBooks won’t send email invoices error?

    Books Point of Sale, follow the steps mentioned here to know about the version that you are using to enjoy your computer.

    The steps are as follows:-

    1. Open QuickBooks Point of Sale on your system
    2. Then sign into this software as an Admin
    3. Click on the Help menu option
    4. Further, select the option About QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
    5. Now you have to check the Release Number of the software and the version you are using.

  2. Can I check my QuickBooks current version that is in use before resolving the issue of QuickBooks won’t send email invoices error?

    1. Open QuickBooks on your Windows desktop
    2. Now press the F2 button from your keyboard
    You can also press the Ctrl + 1 button from your keyboard
    3. It opens up the product information window into your QuickBooks Desktop software
    4. In this window, you have to check for the current version you are using or the current release.

  3. What if I could not find the reason for the error QuickBooks won’t send email invoices?

    In this case, you have to check for the webmail preferences first. Then explore the settings of Internet Explorer as well. If the email setup is not done that means QuickBooks and email account are not connected; then connect it. If the issue got resolved then ok otherwise do check for a QuickBooks update. After this, go with the solutions again.

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