Resolving QuickBooks Error 6177,0



How to Use QuickBooks Error 6177,0

The Quickbooks is an accounting software that brings a revolution in the accounting fields. It provides fast and safe accounting, but sometimes it shows some error or problem while operating files that stops all works and makes the process difficult to operate. This error is about four or five words that displayed on screen while opening files.

Reason For Error

  • Don’t use right path for opening these files. So, you need to open company files on your computer, where it is located.
  • Using multi-user mode.

QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file

Steps to Resolve Error Problem


  • First visit web page go to update and select your product.
  • Now use the instructions of Automatic Updates or Manual Updates to update the product.

(2)Using QuickBooks file doctor application to fix the error


  • First, navigate the file from the server to the C drive.
  • Now access the file in QuickBooks software from the C drive location.
  • Next, create an easily portable file and save it to local ‘C’ drive.
  • Close the opened company file.
  • Now, restore the portable file from C drive and save it on the server.
  • Now try to access the company file again from the server to check if the problem has been resolved.


    • First download this advance utility software and try to solve the error.
    • If it displayed Quickbooks file data in preview, then your files get repaired.
    • So, to save the recovered data, activate the full version of the software.

If you want to understand more about QuickBooks Accounting Software, Connect with us at QuickBooks Support Phone +1-800-993-4190.

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