What’s new and improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2019?


QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Intuit has recently released QuickBooks Desktop 2019. You will witness more enhanced and developed features in this latest update. The QuickBooks Desktop team has focused more on overhauling the exciting features to improve the software’s workflow and functionality. QuickBooks Desktop 2019 comes with an updated feature that is built-in in order to promote user’s reliability.

 improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Let’s look at some of the improved and new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019.

New features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

1. Customer Invoice History Tracker: Real-time invoice status tracking including;

  • Invoice cleared date
  • Invoice unpaid date
  • Invoice email forwarded date with customer name
  • Invoice accessed date
  • Customer Receive Payment amount and date
  • Deposit recorded amount and date

2. Transfer Credits between Jobs of the Same Client/Customer: New column is located on the Apply Credits window to shows Job and Customer to which the credit is assigned. The user can use the Apply Credits window to assign the same credit to another job of the same client/customer record.

3. Employee Pay Alteration History: Track any changes made in the employee pay rate.

Note: the rates displayed on the report will be base on the current paycheck data.

 Improved features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

1. User Prompt to make a Bill Payment while making use of Write Check: Improved prompt enables users to avoid making use of the Write Check transaction type when the appropriate transaction type must be the merchant Bill Payment. When users insert a merchant name in the Pay to the Order field on the Write Check transaction for a merchant that opens vendor bills, QuickBooks will display a fresh Check for Bills window. This enhancement is to prompt default users to Go to Pay Bills.

2. Inventory Report Totals include Inactive Inventory Items: Add inactive inventories in the Detail report or Inventory Valuation Summary. Including the inventories in these reports will guarantee reconciliation between the accountant and his client about the Inventory reports between Assets total and Assets Value that is on The Inventory Valuation Report.

3. Sick and Vacation Pay Tracking: Easy reporting and tracking of employee vacation and sick time. Users are notified about saving paycheck transaction when vacation or sick time goes beyond the available time provided for particular payroll compensation.

4. Sensitive Payroll Permissions: provides Admin users with a more authoritative view of any file permission levels when assigned to any user.

5. Easy Upgrade: Install the newest version with an easy two-click process. The upgrade processes are automated.

6. Shift QuickBooks to other Computer: This tool enables users to easily move QuickBooks company data, associated files, and program files to other computers.

7. Compress Data File Optimization: Reliably in reducing QuickBooks data file without removing the data.

8. Intuit Data Protect: the new release improves the user setup process and offers users with options to be notified about scheduled backups failure or success.

9. Sales Order Worksheet -Pick, Pack and Ship Process: Improve accuracy and efficiency in fulfilling customer’s sales orders. The feature conveniently manages to pick, pack and ship workflow with Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet Dashboard

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