What’s New and Improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2019?


New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 to 2021

Being a QuickBooks user, it is important to know why we need to update/upgrade the QB Desktop. Well, the updating QuickBooks version consists of various amazing features and spectacular utilities which are specially made for business leaders & entrepreneurs all around the world. According to the developers and software testing unit of Intuit, QuickBooks Desktop 2019 to 2021 is a more reliable, handy, faster, and customer-eccentric product. Additionally, the advance and improved QuickBooks Edition also comes with more latest features and bug fixes. Today, we will explore what’s new and improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 in this ultimate article.

What’s New and Improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Advanced and improved features of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 for the Entire Windows Users

Here is the list of improved features of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 for you to get a better insight into this QB version:

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Track Invoice History

This feature can help QuickBooks users a lot in preserving and handling invoice history. However, it helps the QB user to collect the invoice information anytime with 100 percent accuracy.

Track Invoice History

Transfer Credits between jobs of the same customer

This feature provides the user of QuickBooks authority to efficiently save time while creating credit memos for all jobs. QuickBooks is creating a special ‘Credit Transfer Account’. Various other types of Current Asset account immediately use basic entries that record the adjustments and that occur behind the scenes.

The user can pass the credit to the other jobs of the same customer by using this function and report this transaction as a reduction in the transfer of credits between jobs.

Employee pay adjustment history

Only QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2019, and Enterprise 18.0.0 can avail of this feature for Release maintenance R3 or newer. QuickBooks users with the payroll subscription can use this functionality. It enables the consumer to control and track the difference that has been made hourly in the employee pay scales.

Payroll items



Bonus Items

Sick and vacation pay to track

This feature is one of the innovative and enhanced features for the sick as well as for vacation time monitoring & reporting. The customers of QuickBooks get an alert when saving a paycheck that exceeds the sick and/or holiday time of the workers. By reformatting the pay stub, the second feature consists of information about the  Used, and Usable sick and holiday hours.

Sensitive payroll permissions

QuickBooks can avail of sensitive payroll permissions feature for QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0. This enhanced feature provides the Admin user an ability to assign a user to access the QuickBooks and sensitive Payroll transaction with a permission pop-up.

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Receive Inventory Process: Purchase Order Worksheet

This feature is only available for the QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0 Maintenance Release R5. The method of advancing & improving inventory receiving allows the QB user to decrease the probability of errors in data entry and increase performance.

Pick, Pack, and Ship Process- Sales Order Worksheet

This functionality is available for the Enterprise Platinum version of QuickBooks only. It enables the sales order through a central dashboard/mobile device which needs to be processed by the QB customer.
Few more enhancements include in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Sales Order Worksheet

You can also check a few more advanced and enhanced features that can help you a lot for future upgrades/updates. Consequently, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.

Easy upgrade

The update/upgrade is now quite a simple and easy process, and installing the new QuickBooks Desktop hardly takes a couple of clicks. you can install QuickBooks within 3-4 minutes only. The best thing about updating/upgrading QuickBooks is that after the update, the old company files are saved in the No Company File. Here’s the update where the old versions were left far behind by QB Desktop 2019.

Move QuickBooks to another computer

In QuickBooks 2019, this awesome feature allows the user of QB 2019 to easily transfer the QuickBooks programs as well as related files and company data files to any other device. The following portion will be needed by the client to seamlessly transfer the QuickBooks data file.

Intuit Data Protect

The complete setup process and QB backup process is now more automated and easy in QuickBooks Desktop 2019. The QB 2019 update is a way to solve some problems such as backup failure, bugs, etc which were common in earlier versions.

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Final Words!

Hopefully, the above-mentioned article “New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 to 2021”  helped you a lot to understand new features. However, if you have still any confusion or any issue then simply connect with the QuickBooks team by sending an email to customer@businessaccountings.com. You can also use the Live Chat option available all round the clock to assist you.

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