How to Import Customers From Another Program in Quickbooks

QuickBooks Importing Customers Online Service

QuickBooks accounting software that provides its users with the process of easily importing customer lists or retrieving customers’ data from another program. It helps users in creating a new spreadsheet of your customers. You can also import customer list from excel and from another program by easily exporting your documents into another format. QuickBooks works to maintain data safe file importing it from different sources like excel into your financial software.

Importing Customers From Another Program

Steps To Imports Customers From Another Program

  • First, go to file menu and open the file that you want to import in excel or in any other spreadsheet editor using the given type name, sales person, prefix, primary and secondary address, contact information, title and account.
  • Than saves the updated files as ‘. CSV’.
  • Now go to tools menu, then select address book.
  • From minimize button option, at right corner of the address book window.
  • Now from file menu option, choose ‘import’ option and then select addresses.
  • Now you need to select comma, next click browses. Browse. CSV file that created by you.
  • Click ‘ok’ and go next. Under matching import fields, click the field and select the matching file, in the contact fields.
  • Click to preview for above edit data, then click ‘ok’ from done with importing customers Help + contact .

Advantages Of Importing Customers From Another Program

  • It saves time in editing transactions/data
  • QuickBooks helps to reduce the mistakes and protect from any loss of information.
  • Provides auto downloaded print and other information in order to maintain records of each imported customer.
  • QuickBooks helps its users with regular updates and provides option to edit details of imported customer.

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