QuickBooks Payroll Services

QuickBooks accounting software is a very popular program. So, depending on the QB version you select for your business, it can be an investment for your organization. The QuickBooks Online payroll software makes it easy to calculate wages, make employees paid through direct deposit, and file taxes. QuickBooks Desktop Services can run your payroll software smoothly and get accurate results in few minutes.

Main Features of the QuickBooks Payroll Software

  • Manage holidays easily, payroll deductions, and absences
  • Create payslips and run payroll in just a few steps
  • Manage your accounts and run payroll from the same place
  • Access your payroll software whenever you need it
  • You can also Email the payslips or print them out and post them
  • Submit RTI data to HMRC and calculate tax and National Insurance

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks’ online version collects much appreciation as it has simplified the life of accountants and bookkeepers. Across the globe by integrating the QuickBooks payroll within the online version itself. If QuickBooks Payroll data is synced directly with other versions of this software such as QuickBooks Enterprise.

Not only online payroll software accords services to QuickBooks users but also provide special assistance in terms of:

  • Simple and easy approach with any gadget like Androids& iOS, Smart Phones, and tablets.
  • Frequent and uninterrupted access to the software at any time and from anywhere.
  • Users can get rid of updating software functions, as QBO updates automatically.
  • Excellent quality of security to stop data leakage.

The Payroll software releases also get first integrated with QB online version. This provides users with the upper hand as they get to witness and use these features before you showcase these products in the market with the software. One such feature that created quite a positive response from the online users was the Direct Deposit method in Payroll. This method ensures easy transferability of salary and incentives by directly depositing it into employees’ accounts.

Key Benefits of QuickBooks Online Payroll

The best part of this is that any problem with the newly added details can be figured out in the starting itself and get resolved before they are released to the masses. The positive point towards the user’s perspective is that tricks and tips to use the Direct Deposit method more easily and sensibly.

Some of these tricks illustrated below:

  • The first trick to avoid disruption in the future with employees in regards to their salary is to activate the Direct Deposit as soon as possible so that the required proves of verification can be completed in time which will result in the deposit of the correct salary on the correct date in the account of the employees.
  • There should be suitable cash available in the accounts which should review much in advance, as otherwise, transfer of salary might end up in a snag.

Desktop Payroll

The below-mentioned payroll options are for desktop and that run only on the desktop version:

  • Basic: No payroll tax form filing, and Affordable cost.
  • Enhanced: DIY payroll tax filing, good job costing, and the ability to pay 1099 vendors by Direct Deposit.
  • Full Service: Enter payroll hours/amounts, Intuit handles paying taxes and filing tax forms (though may vary by State).
  • Accountant’s Enhanced: All the features of Enhanced, up to 50 client EINs, can only be used on the accountant’s computer.

Key Benefits of QuickBooks Payroll

  • Assign each employee’s payroll, payroll taxes cost to jobs, and to job tasks. You can use the built-in QuickBooks timesheets to initially enter information and then direct it to create the paychecks and related job-cost assignments.
  • Keep employee information organized as QuickBooks Payroll helps ensure that you obtain all of the information that’s required by your company, your financial institution, and taxing authorities. When you enter the details it becomes easy to access and ready to be used as you prepare payroll runs.
  • Easily track and administer company benefits and Workers’ Compensation Insurance. QuickBooks Payroll Setup tool follows simple steps to walk you through the process of entering all of the details required to define them, to withhold pay where necessary, and to keep up with timely payments to outside agencies.
  • Prepare and submit payroll taxes manually can be a burden. Preparing accurate reports manually and submitting the correct amounts to the correct agencies includes a variety of risks. Consider the potential for incorrect calculations, missed deadlines, and penalties from various taxing agencies for recurring tasks that include FUTA and SUTA, Medicare tax, and FICA, as well as state and local taxes where applicable.
  • Process payroll quickly and accurately. QuickBooks notifies you of the payment time for the employees and provides you with a clear, simple series of screens for running payroll.

For any queries related to QuickBooks accounting software, You can easily contact QuickBooks Team. It has been at a reliable QuickBooks Consulting Services. We heir Intuit certified QB professionals, who with their extensive experience will suggest the right guidance that can be your route to business success.


  1. How do you run QuickBooks Online Payroll?

    Login to QuickBooks Online payroll then set up the employees. After that, run the Payroll. You have to enter the payroll hours after that QuickBooks calculate it automatically for you that includes the checks and taxes.

  2. How does QuickBooks payroll Services your business?

    QuickBooks Payroll helps in calculating the finances automatically that saves your time. It enhances your knowledge of the payroll process and also handles all the tasks. There are timesheets that are in-built to mention the payment information of every employee. This enters the information directly to the paycheck screen easily.

  3. How to set up QuickBooks Payroll?

    1. In QuickBooks o to the Payroll option
    2. Then select the option Employees
    3. Click on the Get Started button
    4. This helps the payroll to start the setup process
    5. Mention all the information asked related to the company, tax, and employees
    6. When you are done run the payroll by clicking on the Run Payroll button and you are done.



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