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Terms of Use

Terms and conditions of the company publish the legal and privacy notice about the complete processing of the data collected and protecting the personal data of our customers on Businessaccountings.com. Below mentioned the terms and conditions that will provide you brief information.

  • Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions – Once you are landed on the website automatically means you are agreeing with all the Terms and Conditions, regulations and Laws. All the products and services are protected by a copyright and Trademark law.
  • Work Assignment by Terms and Conditions – After signing the terms and conditions Businessaccountings.com involve in the jobs and services available with Businessaccountings.com. If you don’t sign the terms and conditions and opt to go with written or electronic authorization will be considered as acceptance of terms and conditions.
  • Authorized People for the task– We have a team of authorized supervisors who always take care of each and every task. They take all the responsibility to accept the challenges and to and are responsible to complete the work systematically and give a fruitful result. The qualified and dedicated team processes all the work under the experienced supervisors.
  • Total fee and Costs – Do not take the estimates as a fixed quote while providing at the same time. It can be changed due to the nature of work and time to complete the same. The total cost will not comprise the disbursement or additional costs. Additional costs include the professional fees and GST that you agree to pay all costs beard by us.
  • Payment mode – You agree to pay the due amount if any in the septic time period if acknowledge in writing by the employee of Businessaccountings.com
  • Breach – If you violate any Terms and Condition Businessaccountings.com can take legal action for breaching the rules or if you are failed to pay for any product or service within due date and it can lead to a court case against you.
  • Disputes – In case if there is any problem with the work and if it is irrelevant then please do inform us in writing in 14 days after the work is delivered. We will provide the services and with information within 14 days and inform you without any additional amount.
  • Termination of agreement – Breaching the terms and conditions, failing to give sufficient details unable to pay accounts can lead to Termination of agreement.
  • Files Deletion – We destroy our files after 7 years after completion of the task.
  • Cloud Security – You should agree that you are the sole responsible for the security of your computer and any information stored on 3rd party computers which can be accessed from the cloud.

Right to refine Terms and conditions – You are authorized to accept the changed the Terms and Conditions until and unless you give a written notification in 7 days. Right to  improve and amendment of the terms and conditions are reserved with Businessaccountings.com.

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