Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is purely faithful to its privacy policy for customers and clients. Just look at the below details which will give you an idea of the organization. Privacy, security is the most important priorities for

Details of customers observed by

Whenever a user visits for any help or showing any interest in the services. This means that the user agrees with our terms and conditions. All the information that we receive from users is all store safely in highly secure servers. The data which is obtain collected by our servers is very confidential like Name, Date of Birth, address, email id, contact number, and debit, and credit card details if required while processing the payment. Now the team asks you for the details of your card like CVV and expiry date of the card when you are going to process the payment. This information is important so that you will not face any glitches in the payment.

When you are done with the payment process then you have to give some important details to us. These details are like address the nature of the business which will further used to activate the program. Our professional team may ask for some important details and these details are going to use to give you a better experience. We have some policies which give more protection to your data. The data be like data security, restricted access, computer firewall, and intrusion detection, Computer, Internet, and email policy.

When the customer asks the question; then has the right to hold the information. It is also done when the team requires some legal authorization data. It is our priority to maintain the safety and security of the data that we receive from the customers until there is no presence of any legal notice. If there is any legal issue regarding anything or anyone then we are bound to share all the data otherwise it leads to a big issue. doesn’t collect and save data of customers under 13 years. If in case we store the data mistakenly then we delete it immediately so that it won’t go against our policy. For more information, visit the website of the Government regulatory body.

Newsletters and email

We have a big team of experts who maintains and send the newsletters at a regular interval to the customers. This newsletter informs you about the new updates. Customers will also get offers and deals for desired products or services.

Safety and services

We assure you that your personal data like credit card or debit card details, Date of Birth, address, contact number, etc. All the details that you give to us are secure and safe and we are not going to compromise it outside the organization. We use the Secure Socket Layer to give security to your data, also we use exceptional encryption by our company to maintain the data safe and secure.

Third-Party Links may contain some third-party links and applications. But the customers can rely on us as we don’t share the customer’s personal data with third-party agencies.

Upcoming changes and Modifications in Policy

Any changes to our privacy policy if made will be notified to you. has the right to modify the policies as per the company requirements. Any changes in the Privacy Policy will be notified to the customers as well.

Information on Children

Being a third-party service provider, we avoid collecting information unknowingly from children below the age of 13. Adults who are professionally involved in the businesses should be permitted to register online or use the Digital Offering that we offer. Do not share any information about yourself with us such as name, address, and Email address until we ask, it is especially restricted to children under 13 who are not professionally engaged in the businesses. Additionally, we do not gather any personal information from under the age of 13 children. In case, we discover any personal information from children without parental permission, we will try to promptly remove such information from our database.

What information do we collect?

We collect personal information with your permission, for example, Email address to contact the mailboxes or to register for certain services. We collect information or content that is required for the registration or log-in which you would like to share with us such as name, address, or email address. Log in to a website using a sign-in service will ensure that authenticate your identity and provided-information from you to us. Other information we collect completely depends on the privacy policy that is set. So make sure you review the privacy statement or policy of the applicable service.

Moreover, when you register for certain services, we will temporarily store your email address until we obtain confirmation of the information you provided via email (i.e. where we send an email to the email address provided as part of your registration to confirm a subscription request).

Automatically Collected Information

In certain cases, BusinessAccountings, a third-party service provider, uses cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to gather certain types of information when you visit us online, as well as via emails that we can exchange. The collection of this information allows us to customize your online experience, improve the performance, usability, and effectiveness of our website’s online presence, and measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

The Automatically Collected Information includes:

#1. Cookie

Cookies are nothing but a little piece of data that will be sent by a website via a browser to the visitor’s computer. This information permits the website to remember the device and systems. It in turn helps to serve in the future.

In some of the websites, a notification banner pops up letting you handle your consent to collect cookies (Cookies banner). If you don’t want your browser to accept such cookies then you can simply turn-off the cookies acceptance option from the settings of the browser. The below are some of the cookies types that you can find while visiting our website:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies: These components of cookies are required for users to be able to navigate the website and use its features, such as gaining access to secure areas. These cookies are necessary for the site to work and cannot be removed.
  2. Functionality cookies: This is used to remember to keep track of consumer choices that alter the way the website acts or appears. You can uninstall these cookies, but it will have an effect on your website experience, and you may need to make those choices again each time whenever you visit.
  3. Performance cookies: These types of cookies are used to collect information to boost the website’s performance. You can manage the approval either by using the cookie banner or updating the settings of the browser.
  4. Targeting cookies or advertising cookies: These types of cookies outline your preferences to deliver content that is important to you. They’re often used to restrict the number of times you see such marketing materials and to monitor their effectiveness. Your machine or internet-enabled system will not be monitored for marketing purposes if you do not permit targeting cookies.

However, most browsers automatically accept certain cookies but if you wish to avoid them then you choose the option whether to accept or not via cookies consent banner or browser’s settings. You can easily find it in your browser’s Tools or Preferences menu. To revoke the selection, you can do it by clearing the browser’s cookies or by updating the preferences within the cookies banner.

#2. IP Address

When you access the internet then a number is allocated to your system that is nothing but an IP Address. It let systems and servers identify each other to start communication. Visitors’ IP addresses will be registered for IT protection and device diagnostic purposes. In most cases, this data will be aggregated to conduct website trend and performance analysis.

#3. Web Beacons

A small graphic image or other web programming code called beacons also popularly called GIFs or 1×1 GIFs. It will be added to website pages or notifications. As per the relevant laws, BusinessAccountings uses Web Beacons or similar technologies for multiple purposes including collecting the IP address, accessed time of any particular content, browser type, to count visitors to the Website, gather aggregate visitor statistics and manage cookies, etc.

By refusing the cookies associated with certain web beacons, you can make them unusable. The web beacon will still record an anonymous visit from your IP address, but it will not record cookie details.

Via embedded links within some of our blogs and other correspondence, we will monitor recipient activities such as email open rates. We gather this information to scale-up user interest and boost future user experiences.

#4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on was designed to allow the website users more control over the data which is collected by Google Analytics. The add-on interacts with the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to tell it not to send details about a website visit to Google Analytics.

#5. Location-based Tools

These tools gather the geographical location of the visitors or mobile device. This location data is collected to provide you with knowledge about services we think you may be interested in based on your geographic location, as well as it helps us to enhance our location-based products and services.

Where do we get this information?

We get all the information about you from other individuals that use our website. Besides that, we implement the information collected from you or on our websites periodically for various purposes. It includes enhancing the ability to serve the service, tailoring the content, and offer the opportunities that may be of interest to you.

The information that we obtain from our website when you fill out a form or signup using your personal details. We collect personal information such as your name, shipping/billing address, email, phone, and credit card number when you interact with us for service, support, registration, and payment. We may collect and store sensitive information such as accounts and purchase information on your behalf as part of the services provided to you.

How do we use your information?

With the extensive permissible under the applicable law, we use your information for multiple purposes like:

  1. Manage and deliver the products and services you have asked us to provide.
  2. Provide any information and services that you have requested or other application-related services we offer.
  3. Maintain a good relationship with customer services or any other support activities.
  4. Any software, goods, facilities, and information that you have requested will be provided, maintained, protected, and improved.
  5. We will continue to track, enhance, measure, and secure our website, content, software, and services to provide you with a better-personalized user experience.
  6. Check for consistency and cross-check with third parties.
  7. Provide you with any information that we are required to send you to comply with our regulatory or legal obligations.
  8. Comply with any other of our regulatory or legal obligations.
  9. Undertake internal testing of our websites and services to test and improve their security, performance, and provision. In any case, we would pseudonymize any information used for such purposes and ensure it is only displayed at aggregated levels which will not be linked back to you or any living individual.
  10. Contact you to see if you would like to take part in our customer research.
  11. Provide you with location-based services such as advertising and other personalized content where we collect geographical location data.
  12. To monitor, carry out statistical analysis and benchmarking provided that in such circumstances it is on an aggregated basis which will not be linked back to you or any living individual except as permitted by law
  13. Deliver joint content and services with third parties with whom you have a separate relationship.
  14. Deliver targeted information to you that may be useful to you based on your use of our products or services.

Data analytics and benchmarking

To provide you with the best service, solutions, and experience possible, we can use the information created and accumulate then for future use for our legitimate business interests when you use our services. The objectives include:

  1. Accomplish research and development so that we can provide you with location-based enhanced services (for example location relevant content) where we can gather geographical location data to offer you the relevant experience.
  2. Based on your use of services or knowledge that may be useful to you; perform research and development to enhance our services, goods & services, and applications;
  3. Provide you with location-related services (such as location-specific content) in which we collect geo-location data to provide a relevant experience; and the right to object to processing based on our valid interests.
  4. Develop and deliver new and existing services and functionality (including statistical analysis, benchmarking insights, receipt recognition, and cash flow forecasting services)

Mobile data

We may obtain information via mobile applications when you sign up for the website to access or use the services. Make sure that you go through the privacy notice before you start to access your mobile application using our services.

Mobile applications may provide us with information related to a user’s use of that mobile application and the use of our services which are accessed during that mobile application. We can use that information to enhance our mobile application services. We observe the activity undertaken when the mobile application is logged in.

You can configure our mobile application’s privacy settings on your device but this may affect the performance of that mobile application and the way it interacts with our services.

Links to Other Websites

Our website contains links to other websites whose privacy policies may vary from On-Line Taxes, Inc. If you send any personal information to any of those sites links then those sites’ privacy policy regulates your information. We recommend you read the privacy policies of every website you visit carefully.

Live Chat

For any query or concerns related to products or service offerings, you can freely use the Live Chat options which are available on our website. The Chat feature gathers your email addresses and name to create a customer contact record to assist via our Customer Support so that we can communicate regarding queries and rectify them at ease Our Live chat service is available 24/7. BusinessAccountings freely uses your feedback that provides us after using the Chat option. You accept that we could use your comments, suggestions, or ideas in any way we see fit, including in future modifications to the Services, other products or services, and other relevant things.

Your California Privacy Rights

BusinessAccountings is a financial & accounting platform that keeps collecting personal information under the “Federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act” (GLBA) and the “California Financial Information Privacy Act” (CFIPA) as those laws are applicable. The “California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure” (CCPA Disclosure) tells BuisnessAccountings to collect, use, and disclosure personal information subject to the “California Consumer Privacy Act” (CCPA). The aim of this CCPA Disclosure, “consumer” or “you” refers to individuals who are in California for a reason other than a temporary or transitory intent, as well as individuals who are domiciled in California but are outside of California for a reason other than a temporary or transitory purpose (“California Residents”), and “we” or “us” refer to BusinessAccountings.

California residents have the right to view and monitor some of the personal information that companies gather about them under the CCPA. Certain forms of information, such as information subject to the CCPA related to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and certain other state or federal privacy laws, are excluded from these privileges. At BusinessAccountings, most of the information we collect on consumers relates to the financial products or services that we offer. We also collect the personal information related to California Residents in other contexts including our website activity, and certain BusinessAccountings locations.

We’re Not Affiliated with SAGE, QuickBooks

We are a third-party service provider and offer products or services related to accounting and bookkeeping include QuickBooks and Sage. We do not rely on any affiliate brand or company. BusinessAccountings is a platform offering Financial Accounting services. We collect personal information to deliver or allow access to our offered products and services. Additionally, we collect information about the system as it communicates with us such as browser or IP address information. We use automatic collection information tools including cookies and Web beacons to manage our Web sites and services. We use user feedback, chats, advice, and other interactions at our sites that help us to improve the website visibility and more.

Withdrawal of Consent by You

Consent for data usage can be withdrawn on a later date. However, the withdrawal will only affect future usage. Only after the withdrawal process is complete will the lawfulness of the request matter. Any of your data isn’t provided to third parties without your consent.

Unless otherwise required or allowed by applicable law, personal data that we process with your consent will be held for an indefinite period of time (or until the consent is revoked). If you withdraw your permission, we can only keep the bare minimum of information about you (full name, contact information, our references, and notes) unless another legal basis justifies it such as legitimate interest.



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