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Privacy Policy is purely faithful to its privacy policy for the customers and clients. Just give a look at the below details which will give you an idea of the organization. Privacy, security is the most important priorities for

Details of customers observed by

Whenever a user visits for any help or showing any interest in the services. This means that the user agrees with our terms and conditions. All the information that we receive from users are all store safely in highly secure servers. The data which is obtain collected by our servers is very confidential like Name, Date of Birth, address, email id, contact number, and debit, and credit card details if required while processing the payment. Now the team asks you for the details of your card like CVV and expiry date of the card when you are going to process the payment. This information is important so that you will not face any glitches in the payment. 

When you are done with the payment process then you have to give some important details to us. These details are like address the nature of the business which will further used to activate the program. Our professional team may ask for some important details and these details are going to use to give you a better experience. We have some policies which give more protection to your data. The data be like data security, restricted access, computer firewall, and intrusion detection, Computer, Internet, and email policy.

When the customer asks the question; then has the right to hold the information. It is also done when the team requires some legal authorization data. It is our first priority to maintain the safety and security of the data that we receive from the customers until there is no presence of any legal notice. If there is any legal issue regarding anything or anyone then we are bound to share all the data otherwise it leads to a big issue. doesn’t collect and save data of customers under 13 years. If in case we store the data mistakenly then we delete it immediately so that it won’t go against our policy. For more information, visit the website of the Government regulatory body.

Newsletters and email

We have a big team of experts who maintains and send the newsletters at a regular interval to the customers. This newsletter informs you about the new updates. Customers will also get offers and deals for desired products or services.

Safety and services

We assure you that your personal data like credit card or debit card details, Date of Birth, address, contact number, etc. All the details that you give to us are secure and safe and we are not going to compromise it outside the organization. We use the Secure Socket Layer to give security to your data, also we use exceptional encryption by our company to maintain the data safe and secure.

Third-Party Links may contain some third party links and applications. But the customers can rely on as we don’t share the customer’s personal data with third party agencies.

Upcoming changes and Modifications in Policy

Any changes to our privacy policy if made will be notified to you. has the right to modify the policies as per the company requirements. Any changes in the Privacy Policy will be notified to the customers as well.

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