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QuickBooks small business accounting software offers quick and real-time solutions to the small business owners of all sectors. These businesses have limited funds and at the same time are in need of an expert accountant which would definitely be out of budget. QuickBooks software offered by Intuit offers three versions namely Pro, Premier, and Enterprise for Desktop, Cloud, and mobile. This makes QuickBooks customizable software that you can easily personalize to meet your requirements. The QuickBooks Pro version offers some very useful features, especially for small businesses.

QuickBooks Pro is one such powerful software edition of QuickBooks with QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise being notch above it in terms of money, features, and usability. QuickBooks Pro is a software created by Intuit with the aim of according to small businesses an affordable yet robust way of handling their accounts and business finance.

Potential Features of QuickBooks Pro

  • QuickBooks Pro services up to 3 users
  • There are multiple features, like Bill Tracker, Managing Forms, and Better Reporting for better assessment of your Business that will come in handy
  • Track sales and stay up to date on your sales tax
  • You can even create an invoice and send it to multiple users at a single time
  • QuickBooks enables you to add a credit card and banking transactions
  • The import function is very useful as it allows you to import customer or vendor data from excel or spreadsheet file directly to QuickBooks, thus saving you a lot of effort and time
  • You can import data from Outlook or other QuickBooks products
  • You get industry-specific templates and reports which give you an edge over your competitors
  • Creating and tracking purchase orders is very easy with QuickBooks.
  • Easily manage your inventory through QuickBooks. Printing out Checks with your signature on them is also a feature provided in QuickBooks Pro.
  • QuickBooks Pro offers a multi-currency option that is useful for a lot of businesses. You can enable this feature for varied profiles like vendors, customers, bank accounts, accounts payable/ receivable, etc.

To enable a multi-currency feature follow the steps given below:-

  • Open the QuickBooks application and log in.
  • Go to preferences in the Edit menu.
  • Click on Multiple Currencies.
  • Click the tab titled Company Preferences
  • Now you will get a new option of Currency List. You have to do is select the currencies that you want and download the latest currency rates within QuickBooks and you would be set up to use this functionality. You can only download the latest currency rates. Past currency rates have to enter manually.

QuickBooks is indeed great software for powerful accounting feedback of your business. For any small business, it is important to analyze and assess their strategies and stay organized and all of this is made simple by QuickBooks Pro 2016. QuickBooks Pro 2016 is the latest version of the QuickBooks Pro lineage. Its special elements and highlights are enumerated below:

Product Highlights

QuickBooks Pro 2016 software is designed with high utility features that are guaranteed to keep you on top of your game by managing your finances swiftly and as you want it.

  • Manage your invoices and sales reports.
  • You can access cloud services that will ensure your accountant receives the latest and updated report.

Tech Specifications

As with other software, it is imperative that the technical specifications of the QuickBooks Pro 2016 match with that of your system. Considering this below is the specifications you need to keep in mind:

Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (32/64 bits), Windows Small Business Server 2008 ( x64 Edition), Windows Server 2003 (32/64-bits) SP2, Windows Server 2008 R1 SP1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Small Business Server 2011( x64 Edition),

Hardware Essentials:

  • Processor Speed – 2.4 GHz
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Hard Disk – 2.5 GB

Exclusive Feature of QuickBooks Pro 2016

QuickBooks Pro 2016 comes with special features that will surely make your account handling easy and user friendly. Some of the impeccable features fitted with this version are:

  • Track and manage all the bills incurred and accorded under one platform. Furthermore, you can also keep a note of all the incoming and outgoing of your money along with itty bitty details on what people owe you and what you have to pay.
  • You can now get your money for products and services sold instantly by sending the invoices with a link for online payment through credit/debit cards or transfers through the bank.
  • If you can keep track of all your business reminders from one single screen by organizing it with QuickBooks Pro 2016.
  • You have the benefit of running the financial report for a later date than the previous month.

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