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In current times it is imperative for small and medium-sized businesses to keep a track of their expenses and revenue so that business will roll down to success. It has become essential to use accounting software for businesses of all industries. Now you have to decide that you require a customized program or a program like QuickBooks. QuickBooks developed and marketed by Intuit, offers so many benefits over customized software, but since there are so many versions of QuickBooks you need to verify your requirements and choose the right one for your business. Cloud hosting is another great option for QB Premier users. We provide QuickBooks Data Migration services to users who want to deploy all their data on cloud servers.

For a better understanding go through the significant benefits of QuickBooks Premier version out Pro and Enterprise version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Premier Version

The QuickBooks Premier version is specially designed on the higher end for large businesses which permits the business owners to track inventory, backorders, purchase orders, sales orders, and create invoices. This version also grants permission to the users to create a company data file that can have up to 5 users and has a built-in, easy to access report which can be used to track financial data separately by profit center, department, and location.

The upgrade to QB Premier software also gives provides competence to the user to choose from a General Business version as well as five different “Industry Versions” that comprise of Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Professional Services and Contractor Editions. Each specific version gives allows the user to approach specific template reports that are specifically for that industry.

The other features supplemented to QB Premier Software are that it allows the user to bill and track clients by time, date, product, or percentage completion. The software also gives the privilege to create and print deposit slips, and import data from previous versions of QuickBooks, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Quicken, and many more.

Like the QuickBooks Pro, the Premier version of QuickBooks also comes with two pricing options:

  • QuickBooks Premier (One-Time Payment) with standard options and
  • QuickBooks Premier Plus (Annual Subscription) with support, additional features, and upgrades

The main purpose of Intuit to develop QuickBooks Premier Application was for the settled and growing small businesses. QuickBooks Pro 2013 and QuickBooks Premier 2013 are the two retail versions offered by Intuit currently that can be categorized as accounting and tax software. It means the user does not require prior accounting knowledge to use either product.

Main Features of QB Premier Software

  • QuickBooks Premier Version: QuickBooks Premier Version 2013 comprises six industry-specific editions. They are as follows:
    • QuickBooks Premier
    • QB Premier Contractor
    • QB Premier Professional Services
    • QuickBooks Premier Retail
    • QB Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale
    • QB Premier Non-profit
      The above-mentioned Premier editions have designed for specific groups of users and it featured accordingly.
  • Business Architect: The QuickBooks Premier assists you in creating a complete business plan/design using the integrated Business Planner tool, which is a special feature in QB Premier only. The business plan created by QB Premier is based on the format that the U.S. Small Business Administration especially recommended for loan applications as proposed by Intuit. Also, you can use the Business Planner tool to graph the data to print reports such as profit and loss summaries, income and expense projections, and balance sheet reports.
  • Customized Business Reports: QuickBooks Premier Application comprises of more than 150 customized reports. It accords you industry-specific reports along with advanced reporting tools. It has the capability to view customized sales and profitability reports. You can use QB Premier to run a cost-to-complete-job report, provide an exact estimated cost to complete a job along with over-the-estimate and under-the-estimate itemized lists to differentiate the runaway costs.

The Perks of QuickBooks Premier Version

  • QB Premier gives 30 days of tech support directly from Intuit at no additional cost.
  • Unit of measure, build assembly, inventory center
  • Job costing: estimate to PO, change order tracking, view unbilled time and expense from 1 window, batch invoice time and expense
  • Reporting: balance sheet by class, previous reconciliation reports, forecasting, business planner, industry-specific reporting
  • Billing rate levels
  • Journal entries: create a reversing entry
  • With QuickBooks Premier your purchase, you can have up to 5 users in the company data file at the same time.
  • QB Premier data files have other issues and problems with them if they get into the 150 – 200-megabyte size range.
  • Five concurrent users in the data file
  • Sales orders/backorder tracking, current availability tracking, sales order to PO to invoice
  • Price levels: per item, not just fixed percentage
  • Filter sales order and purchase order reports based on current availability
  • Closing date exception report

In conclusion, if you have any technical or functional queries related to the QuickBooks Premier Version report to the QuickBooks team. It has made a remarkable name in QuickBooks Consulting Industry. We roof Intuit certified QuickBooks experts who have knowledge and experience to assist the right guidance and responsive assistance. It also takes your business to successful avenues. To know more about us visit our official website



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