QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018


QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

Intuit has recently released QuickBooks upgrade of “QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Contractor 2018”. It is available in Canada, U.S. and U.K. You can definitely experience the benefits of this latest edition and acknowledge the new features which Intuit has introduced in this QuickBooks upgrade. It comes with some exceptional features of General Business version as well as functional features likes reports, work-flows and chart of accounts along with a few tips by experts which will meet a contractor’s need.

QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

Here is a list of all improved and enhanced features which are especially designed for the Contractor edition in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018 in such a way that it will meet the contractors requirement and will help them in running their work smoothly.

  • Job Costing Centre:You can now take a look at the summary of all jobs in just a single screen.
  • Leading Job Costing Tools:You can easily get a summary of profits and loss on all jobs with this tool.
  • Change in Order Functionality:You can easily get full estimate of your complete task including smallest changes. So, when these changes comes in front of you as surprises and you as well as your clients have knowledge about it. It keeps a track record of all the changes which took place and you will know about the impact of those changes.
  • Adjustable Billing Rates:You can now easily assign multiple accurate estimates for your employees.
  • 18 Extra Reports for Contractors:You can now easily keep up with cost tracking of all your bill payments. This way you can easily know about the status of your financial and accounting data. It will be helpful in maintaining your cost by vendors as well as provide you with an assumption for expenditure.
  • Chart of Accounts for Contractors:You will get a preset of Chart of Accounts for your Contacting business as well as experts advises for your business.
  • In-built Help & Tips by Experts:This exception feature will give you inputs on various topics which will help you with your business and targeting your clients.

Along with the above mentioned features which are exclusively meant only for Contractors but there are some more functional features in QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 Edition.

  • Multi-Monitor Support:You can now work on two extra monitors along with one main workstation.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts:You can easily edit your invoices by copying and pasting data by copy and paste lines from your keyboards.
  • Secure Webmail Support:You can send secure mails from Gmail, Hotmail, etc via QuickBooks to email your forms or reports.
  • Inventory Report Improvements:Adding extra column as well filter in your reports can be done easily now.
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning:With this new feature, you can now scan barcode of products for shipping as it comes with a special device which has build-in scanners.
  • Mobile Picking with an Android Device:You can now easily send orders to warehouses with instructions about sales orders via mobile. You just need to have internet connection. This sending and receiving of data/message can be done through mobile device without touching QuickBooks Desktop software.

With such exceptions, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your QB software to this the latest QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018 and enjoy all the benefits. If you have any query regarding the software or have trouble in upgrading your software then contact QuickBooks for assistance. Give a call on their toll-free number + contact .

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