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Intuit well known for developing QuickBooks small business accounting software has also branched out into supplementary products like Payroll and Point-of-Sale (POS) software applications. This additional software is used by the maximum small businesses of all industries. QuickBooks features the potential to sync its merchant processing services with QuickBooks Point of Sale software.


QuickBooks POS is smartly arranged especially for the retail customers that are either in the process of opening a store and have yet to make a decision on how to manage the store or have been in business for a short time period and their requirements are not being met by the solution they have implemented to their business. QuickBook’s point of sale system accords the users with hefty tools to help retailers view their business at a glance and perform everyday accounting operations more comfortably.

Productive Features of QuickBooks POS Software

  • Identify details about stock (availability of items, items to be ordered, items with high demand, etc.) by the real-time inventory tracking feature
  • Comprise of reporting tools to track customer interests and provide better, personalized services
  • Easy synchronization capabilities to electronically transfer sales information to QuickBooks Accounting software and data entry errors
  • Ring up sales easily by accepting credit cards and keeping checkout lines moving 

QuickBooks POS Software Versions

QuickBooks Point of Sale is available in two versions: Basic and Pro versions. You can examine the embedded functional inbuilt features to determine which will be the right one to implement according to your business. The POS Pro generally offers more customization of the system’s features. If you are the owner of a multi-store you will definitely need the POS Pro version, as the Basic version does not support more than one location. Payment by credit cards is preferred for most businesses today and accepting credit and debit cards helps is more efficient to integrate your credit card processing with your POS system. QuickBooks Point of Sale can be easily coupled with merchant service provided by Inuit for seamless integration.

Financial Tracking by QuickBooks POS Software

Entire data related to credit card transactions are captured in QuickBooks Point of Sale automatically rolls down to your QuickBooks accounting software. Integrated automation between these two systems curtails the tedious and time-consuming manual process. Additionally, the back-end services (such as ordering merchandise or raw materials from your suppliers) are also integrated. The QB POS software seamlessly tracks inventory levels and notifies you when to place reorder, the purchase orders are created in QuickBooks, and inventory received is tracked in both places as it arrives.

Benefits of QuickBooks POS Desktop

QuickBooks POS Desktop software is the ultimate way to ring sales, accept credit cards, manage vendors and inventory, and build customer relationships. The benefits/features of the POS desktop are as follows:

  • Complete features embedded in the Desktop Point of Sale System
  • Maximize scalability with multi-location retailers
  • Manage sales, inventory, and customer tracking
  • Easily syncs with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Offers faster startup & haste workflows than an earlier version
  • Time-saving with multi-tasking, sorting, and shortcuts
  • Smooth credit card processing with QuickBooks Payments

New Enhanced QuickBooks POS Desktop Features

  • Exceptional keyboard shortcuts
  • Time Saving with Effective Performance (10 x faster startup time & workflows)
  • Arranging Key Workflows such as Ring a Sale, Received Items, Returned Items
  • Support for backing up files with sizes greater than 4 GB
  • EMV Chip Card Ready
  • Permits excelling screen readability with improved visual design
  • Handling multiple tasks by working on different parts of the program (like sales receipt, checking reports, etc.)

Implement the Right POS Software for the Respective Industry

Learning your business requirements is very essential before introducing the POS software to your business. The requirements of business differ and so do the software, so choosing the right one for your businesses that meets your requirements with soar the business to success.

  1. Retail POS System: QuickBooks POS for retail stores is designed to be cost-effective, easy to use, and a great way to boost your bottom line.
  2. Quick Service POS: Quick Service POS is built from entrepreneurs and mainly focuses on speed, efficiency, and security to process orders faster.
  3. Liquor Store POS: If you are an owner of wine or a liquor store this POS offers quick service and efficient inventory management.
  4. POS Hardware: A retail point of sale software comprises a cash register (that in modern times involves a receipt printer, computer, cash drawer, monitor, customer display, and a barcode scanner) and the majority of retail POS systems also include a debit/credit card reader.

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