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QuickBooks is amazing accounting software that has revolutionized the business accounting environment with its many features. It is widely used by growing startups and small organizations as well as well-established businesses. The tasks related to the finance and accounting department become uncomplicated with software like QuickBooks.

QuickBooks program files can be accessed from anywhere. There is no necessity to be in the office always to access it. All the QuickBooks versions are understandable by a non-accounting person too.Fix QuickBooks Error 30159

Just like any other software, QuickBooks can also have errors occasionally. Before probing for an answer, it is crucial to cognize what imprecisely the error means. Below is one such QuickBooks Error 30159 for an improved understanding of what it is and ways to resolve it. It is advisable to contact practiced QuickBooks professionals for the following resolutions.

Understanding and Fixing Error 30159

Error 30159 is due to the status of your EIN being deactivated in the system. Re-activating your EIN and refreshing your payroll can resolve this error. The following can happen during QuickBooks Error 30159.

  • Error 30159’ displays on the screen and the active program window crashes completely.
  • The computer repeatedly crashes when there is Error 30159 (when running the same program).
  • Quickbooks Error 30159’ message is shown.
  • Windows works very slowly and any mouse or keyboard input is quite sluggish.
  • The PC freezes sporadically for a few seconds every time.

The QuickBooks 30159 error message can display during Windows startup or shutdown. It can happen even while installing the Windows operating system. Keep a note of where the error exactly occurs as this info will be essential while troubleshooting the issue.

Other Reasons for Error 30159 are:

  • The downloaded version of QuickBooks is corrupt or the installing of the QuickBooks software was incomplete.
  • Windows registry corruption from any new QuickBooks-related software changes like installation or un-installation.
  • Virus or malware infection that led to Windows system files or QuickBooks program files getting corrupted.
  • Deleting of QuickBooks-related files by another program wrongly.

QuickBooks Error 30159 can have various reasons apart from the EIN issue. Therefore, apart from the re-activation of EIN and refreshing of payroll, the following can be the possible solutions:

  • Repairing of Registry Entries related to Error 30159.
  • Conducting a Full Malware Scan of the computer.
  • Cleaning out the junk folders like temporary files etc with Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr).
  • Updating the PC with Device Drivers.
  • Undo recent changes in the system by utilizing Windows System Restore.
  • Uninstallation and Re-installation of the QuickBooks Program related to Error 30159.
  • Run the Windows System File Checker (“SFC /scan now”).
  • Installation of all Windows updates can be helpful.
  • Performing a Clean Installation of Windows.

However, please note these steps should be done only with the guidance of a QuickBooks expert who can gauge where exactly is the issue. This particular error can be solved by re-activation of the EIN too. Trained experts can tell you step by step what to do if you are perplexed regarding any error. Contact the team of highly-trained professionals. Get in touch with us on the toll-free number.

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