My QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Not Showing ! How to fix


Issues with QuickBooks payroll Liability

There have many cases been observed where you see missing payroll liabilities from the Liabilities Block of Pay Schedule in the Employee Center Payroll Tab. The company, in general, bears actual payroll Tax Liabilities. There may be situations where you have missing payroll liabilities.

Typically, the Payroll Liability Balance Report can confirm Payroll Tax Liabilities (Go to the Report, click on the Employees and then click on the Payroll Menu) or it can be an examination of Account Balance in General Ledger. You can easily configure Payroll Liability Balance in the total reports within the quarter. This helps in matching the Payroll Schedule Liability Information.

There are certain reasons due to which QuickBooks Payroll Liability Not Showing

  • To track the account, you have set up the liability instead of the Current Liability Account.
  • You have set the liability account to inactive mode.
  • A wrong date range had been selected while the payment is being set up.
  • From the Adjustment or Previous Liability Check has a Paid Through Date might be showing the affected accrued balances.
  • Any previous version of QuickBooks has been replaced by the QuickBooks Latest version.
  • After the four Calendar Quarters, past liabilities have been dropped off. For any past due with the liability of five quarters or more than that, use Create Custom Liability Payment to pay the due amount.
  • QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Not Showing.
  • All the paychecks are now either deleted or voided that generally produced liabilities initially.
  • You may have damaged the company file and you need to have your QuickBooks list resorted.

The resolution method has very complex steps, we suggest you don’t attempt to resolve the issue by yourself as it may give rise to other errors also. The only thing you can do is check whether you have any active Liability Account or not.

  • Click on the List –> Select Chart of Accounts and then press and hold CTRL-key. Now, press A together.
  • You will see three buttons in the down-right corner of the list. Make sure you check and select the Inactive button from the available options. If it doesn’t show any inactive items, you don’t have to proceed further.
  • If it shows a big in the left part of the Liability Account, you need to highlight that item. Now, from the top of the menu bar, select Edit and then click on Make File Active.
  • Close your Chart of Accounts.

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