QuickBooks payroll update error 15106

QuickBooks Payroll Unable to Update & getting error 15106

Has there been a moment when the QuickBooks Payroll was unable to update and you received the QuickBooks payroll update error 15106? Undoubtedly, QuickBooks is embellished with highly lavish and user-friendly features, like all the other similar software, it does have its own limitations and issues. Certain issues do occur while using QuickBooks.

However, the QuickBooks users needn’t worry about any issues as no QuickBooks issue is unsolvable. Again, if you encounter the QuickBooks payroll update error 15106 or any other error, you are not the first user to have encountered it. Several users before you have already come across this problem. Also, the QuickBooks experts have already devised troubleshooting methods to get rid of this issue. So, there is no point worrying. You can use the fixing methods and resolve the issue.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106?

The Windows installer is a part of the software program that enables the program to be set up and uninstalled, and that it updates on the Windows running system, and when the installer is given damaged or corrupt mistakes at some point the program replacement starts throwing. The same aspect occurs with QuickBooks when the Windows Installer returned damaged or corrupt and provided errors of 15106 when a user tried to insert into QuickBooks or change payroll.

So when you’ve encountered QuickBooks Payroll error 15106, you can take the all-important steps to reinstall the installer and eliminate third-party programs that may be causing damage to the installer file.

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106

What causes error 15106? Seeing the message ‘The update program cannot be opened. The update program is damaged’, you may have often wondered why you get such a message.

  • User isn’t logged in as the administrator of Windows.
  • The system’s anti-virus software has blacklisted the QuickBooks folders.
  • User Account Control is refusing to download updates.
  • There is corruption in the QuickBooks installation files.

Well, there are two basic causes that are responsible for this:

  • The presence of ‘Spy sweeper’ in the webroot antivirus software
  • You may have not logged in with the user that has admin-level rights. If so, reading or writing the new files would be limited and it would be difficult to perform the required task.

Fixes for overcoming the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106

Listed below are the steps to quickly troubleshoot QuickBooks payroll update error 15106:

  • Log in to your computer as an Administrator
  • Rename the folder and also disable the antivirus program
  • Re-update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Turn off the UAC (User Account Control)
  • Uninstall Antivirus from your computer
  • Clean install the QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup mode

You can follow the troubleshooting methods given below and resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106:

Solution 1 – Log in to your computer as an Administrator

  1. Switch On your computer
  2. Then log in as the Admin user
  3. Go to the QuickBooks icon
  4. Right-click on it and select option Run as Administrator
  5. With this, you get access to admin rights into the QuickBooks Program.

Solution 2 – Rename the folder and also disable the antivirus program

  • Firstly, open the Task Manager and stop the antivirus
    1. To open Task Manager, press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together
    2. Check that you are in the Processes tab if not then click on the Processes tab
    3. Check for the antivirus process that you have on your computer
    4. Select it and click on the End Task button
  • After that, you have to rename the folders of the QuickBooks update
    1. Open the File Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys together on Desktop
    2. Go to the path C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks (year or version)\Components
    3. Locate download qb (year or version) file 
    4. Right-click on the file and choose the option Rename
    5. Now, mention OLD at the end of the file name and press Enter button
    6. This changes the file name.

Solution 3 – Re-update QuickBooks Desktop

There are 3 types of updates that are:

  1. Manual Update
    1. Close all the programs
    2. Then open QuickBooks by right-click on it and select Run as Administrator
    3. Press Ctrl button when you are opening QuickBooks in whole process 
    4. When you get No company open window then release Ctrl button
    5. Click on the Help menu option
    6. Further, select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option
    7. Go to the Options tab
    8. Click the checkbox Mark All then click on Reset Updates 
    9. After that, when you are ready to go, click on the Get Updates and the update start downloading
    10. When download is completed, Restart QuickBooks and it starts installing the updates.
  2. Automatic Update
    1. In QuickBooks, click on Help menu
    2. From drop-down, click on Update QuickBooks Desktop option
    3. Click on the Update Now
    4. After searching for updates and update is available 
    5. Then select Get Updates to start downloading update
    6. After downloading update completely, restart your QuickBooks application
    7. When asked, accept it and it installs the new release.
  3. Schedule Automatic Update
    1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop software
    2. Go to the Help menu in QuickBooks
    3. Select the Update QuickBooks Desktop
    4. Click on Options tab
    5. Further, select yes to turn on the automatic updates option into your QuickBooks account
    6. Then click on the Close button to close it
    7. Your QuickBooks software now automatically does updates when available.

Solution 4- Turn off the UAC (User Account Control) if you have Windows 8, Windows 7 or lower version

Steps to turn of UAC if you operate Windows 8, 7, or lower version:

  • Open the Run window
  • Then type Control Panel and press Enter button
  • In the Control Panel window
  • Click on User Accounts
  • Select the User Accounts (Classic View) option
  • Tick mark the box Change user account control settings
  • If pop-up arrived then click on Yes to continue
  • You have to move the slider to the Never Notify option to turn it OFF properly
  • Move the slider to the Always Notify option to turn it ON
  • In the end, restart your computer.

Solution 5 – Uninstall Antivirus from your computer

  1. If you uninstall it using Control Panel
    • In Windows Start menu search field
    • Type Control Panel then press Enter button
    • Now Control Panel window opens up
    • Click on Programs and then click the Programs and Features
    • Select the antivirus program
    • Then right-click and choose the options Uninstall/Change
    • Follow the steps for uninstalling the program
    • Now you are done and continue with your QuickBooks software.
  2. If you uninstall it using Settings
    • Go to the Windows Start button
    • Then click on the Gear icon that is Settings icon
    • In the open window, choose the Apps option
    • Now in the new window, click on Apps and Features from the left side
    • Select the Antivirus application
    • Then click on Uninstall button
    • Now, uninstall it properly and you can use QuickBooks without interruption.

Solution 6 – Clean install the QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup mode

  1. Make all the data prepared before doing the Clean install
    • Create the backup of your Company File
    • Have the license number or product number with you before starting the process.
  2. Start your computer in the Selective Startup mode
    • Open the Run window
    • Then type MSConfig and press Enter button from the keyboard
    • In the open up window, go to the General tab
    • Click on the Selective Startup and Load system services option
    • Now in the Services tab
    • Tick mark the box Hide all Microsoft Services
    • Select the Disable All option
    • Now, remove the tick mark from Hide all Microsoft Services to unhide it
    • Check that the checkbox is selected for the Windows installer
    • Click the OK button to save all changes and close the window
    • Restart your computer.
  3. Uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop
    1. In your Windows computer
    2. Open the Control Panel by searching it in the Start menu search field
    3. Click on the Programs option
    4. Further select Programs and Features
    5. Now from the List of Applications
    6. Search and select the QuickBooks Desktop version that you are using
    7. Then right-click and select Uninstall/Change option
    8. Choose Uninstall a program option
    9. Then follow the steps and uninstall it properly.
  4. Reinstall the program QuickBooks Desktop
    1. In the Windows system, go to your Downloads folder
    2. Search the download.exe file of the QuickBooks desktop version
    3. Then double-click on it to start the installation
    4. The installation Wizard window opens up
    5. You have to follow the steps shown by selecting the recommended installation
    6. When it is done click on the Finish button
    7. Then you can start using QuickBooks Desktop software after switching to normal mode.
  5. Now switch back to the Normal startup mode
    1. Open Run window
    2. Then type MSConfig and press Enter button
    3. Go to the General tab
    4. Then click on the checkbox Normal Startup
    5. After that, click on the OK button to save and close the window
    6. Restart your computer to start it in Normal mode

If you are unable to resolve the issue or find the troubleshooting methods somewhat confusing, you can contact the QuickBooks customer support team and get due to assistance.


The QuickBooks customer service is available for all QuickBooks users across the globe. As a user, you can access customer support as and when you encounter the QuickBooks payroll update error 15106 or any other QuickBooks issues.


  1. How to change the configuration of User Account Control (UAC) to fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106?

    The steps to change the settings of UAC are:-

    1. Open the Run Window in your system
    2. Then search for the Control Panel and then open it
    3. Go to the User Accounts
    4. Click on the Classic view
    5. Select the option Change User Account Control Settings
    6. Move the slider to the Never Notify and then click on the Ok button that turns off the UAC
    7. Then again, move the slider to Always notify and click the OK button it turns on the UAC
    8. Restart your system.

  2. How to fix the QuickBooks payroll update error 15106 by starting the system in the selective startup mode?

    1. Open the Run window
    2. Then type the MSConfig and press Enter button
    3. In the open up window, go to the General tab
    4. Then click on the Selective startup and Load system services
    5. Click on the Services
    6. Now, select the Hide all Microsoft services
    7. Then, click on Disable all
    8. After that, uncheck the option Hide all Microsoft Services
    9. Check that the checkbox of Windows installer is tick marked
    10. Click the OK button then restart the system.

  3. What is the best way to fix the “QuickBooks payroll unable to update getting error 15106” error if nothing works?

    When nothing works then do the clean install of the QuickBooks Desktop that resolves QuickBooks error code 15106. For clean install follow the below-mentioned steps:-

    1. First of all, collect all the information related to your product
    *** Download the installer file
    *** Have license number or product key with you
    *** Also, remember or note down the year and version of your QuickBooks account
    2. Uninstall the QuickBooks properly
    *** For removing QuickBooks, the open Control Panel
    *** Click on the Programs and Features
    *** Then select the Uninstall a Program
    *** Select the QuickBooks file
    *** Right-click and select Uninstall/Change option
    *** Then uninstall it properly by following instructions.
    3. Reinstall it using the downloaded installer into your system
    *** Go to the downloaded installer into File Explorer
    *** Then double-click on it to start the installation
    *** Follow the steps shown to you and accept all the terms and agree to license
    *** After installation, start the software as an administrator
    *** Then it asks you for the product and license key
    *** Provide all the details and then you are done.



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