How to Set Up a Job in QuickBooks 2017

Set Up a Job in QuickBooks 2017

If setting up a job on one’s own seems like a daunting task then allowing oneself to be aided by the services of QuickBooks is the uncomplicated answer. QuickBooks is time-saving, accurate, and undoubtedly useful in a virtual world where online marketing and transactions are very natural. Therefore diving directly into the swift and straightforward solutions of QuickBooks is the ultimate solution.

Follow the 6 steps to set up a job in QuickBooks 2017: 

  • You can easily initiate the process by signing in.
  • You have to right-click on the window name customer center in order to post the job.
  • The contextual menu will provide options to include jobs.
  • The job you create is going to appear in a window that you can use to add the descriptive details of that specific job.
  • The job’s or project’s name can be specified in the featured text box.
  • After entering all the information required a simple click on the OK button will complete the task.

Flawless features of Quickbooks 2017

  • There is an added advantage for those who are desirous of maintaining a record of the client’s balances with respect to different jobs. They can input the initial balance of the job to check the record.
  • Quickbooks inserts all the relevant personal details provided by you in the appropriate text box assigned for entering contact details.
  • There is a text box titled Bill too. A client can enter the billing information in this text box. Quickbooks simplifies the client’s work and fills in the billing address of the customer in this text box. If the addresses are different the client can manually make necessary changes.
  • In the next text box, you have to enter the delivery address of the job and the field name as Ship to. For the identical billing and delivery address of the job, you can use the copy option.
  • Now go to the Settings menu, you can easily manage the payment preferences. Detailed documentation of account number and choose payment options, credit card information is securely maintained and stored.

Other significant features for creating job post in Quickbooks 2017

  • Assigning a particular job type to the created job is completely voluntary. Quickbooks provides a separate menu for this purpose. The new catalog is done by the client. You can also find the default catalog as well.
  • There is a Job Status menu that allows the client to choose a particular status for the job.
  • You can add multiple clients or jobs simultaneously by using the icon available for including more customers.
  • Making mistakes is a very common problem. But, with the interface provided by Quickbooks; you can secure the corrections easily. For instance, if the name of the customer is wrong, then there is a Customer menu where one can review. if it records the correct name then it is ok if not then take the name from the menu.

Summary: QuickBooks has a knowledgeable technical team and provides flawless customer support around the clock. The features of QuickBooks are for everyone. Even then the expert team of helpful professionals is always ready to lend a helping hand as and when required.

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