Credit Card Machine was not Accessing QuickBooks POS


Credit Card Machine was not Accessing QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS ! Credit Card Machine

At times, when you try to process credit card using QuickBooks, you get error message such as “Invalid transaction” or “not authorized to process credit card payments”. The reason for such an error is that your Credit Card Machine was not Accessing QuickBooks POS or Payment of Systems. Such a problem in the middle of a transaction is very frustrating and the end result is that your work gets disturbed. What do you do? Either you try to resolve the problem on your own or get professional tech support.

Let us find out below the causes of such a problem and how to solve the problem.

Causes of Credit Card Machine Not Accessing QuickBooks POS

There can be several reasons for this problem:

  • Wrong Installation of the Credit Card Machine on QuickBooks Desktop
  • You are not using the latest version of QuickBooks POS
  • You do not have authorized Merchant Service
  • You are using Invalid PIN
  • Your Merchant or Merchant account may not be a valid one
  • You are using an invalid Credit Card Type etc.

How to solve the problem of Credit Card Machine Not Accessing QuickBooks POS?

You can try the following to resolve this problem.

Use the latest POS: First of all, make sure you are using the latest QuickBooks Payment of System. If not, upgrade your QuickBooks POS. Use QB POS 18, which is the latest one as of now.

Run QB POS as an administrator: Use QB POS as an administrator. Steps are:

  • Right click the icon of POS 18 on your desktop
  • Instead of clicking on “Open”, click on “run as Administrator”

If this does not work, you can try the following basic methods to the solve the problem of credit card machine not accessing QuickBooks POS

  • Maybe your card type is wrong. Use another credit card and make sure it is the type recommended by QuickBooks.
  • Manually enter the credit card information, instead of swiping the card on the machine.
  • Delete all temporary internet files
  • Delete all cache
  • Use the latest browser
  • Make use of another station
  • You can also make use of another terminal
  • Ensure your Merchant Account is configured correctly. This is a very important step.

Call us for immediate support if your credit card machine is still not working on QuickBooks POS

If your Credit Card Machine is not working on QuickBooks POS even after trying the above-mentioned methods for resolving, then get in touch with us. We are a leading and reliable technical support service provider for QuickBooks issues and problems. For any issues, call QuickBooks Toll-free number +1-800-993-4190.

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