How to Do Firewall Configuration for QuickBooks Desktop POS


QuickBooks firewall

Firewalls work like a gateway for better management and prohibition of web activity in the network. It is basically used to slow down the web treat spreading. In QuickBooks, the Firewall setting plays a major role while operating the program. In the below write-up you will learn the guidance related to the Firewall configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS).

What is Firewall?

A Firewall referred to a network security program for monitoring the incoming & outgoing network traffic. Also, decide whether to block or allow the particular traffic depending upon the defined protocols. Hence Firewall is software used to allow or block the data packet and acts as a security boost by preventing malicious activity across the network.

Processes that are interrupted by the Blocking of QuickBooks POS

Windows Firewall acts as the most important program used for the interaction of the QuickBooks Point of Sale company data between the client and server workstation. In case of a connectivity failure with the firewall, Point of Sale automatically configures the firewall.

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When the QuickBooks Point of Sale got blocked due to security concerns then here is the list of interrupted processes:

  • Database Server Manager: It is used for server installation. It can record and connect.
  • Intuit Entitlement Service: Used for product License & User validation
  • Electronic Funds Manager: It is a widely used service by Merchant for credit card processing

In QuickBooks when the firewall automatically blocks the connectivity between client workstations and servers, the POS automatically starts the firewall configuration. However, sometimes, there require manual configuration.

What are the primary causes of the firewall configuration errors?

Here are the major reasons for the firewall errors:

  • Server or the client workstation create the trouble
  • IP address change or the when you have connected with the dynamic address
  • Client workstations aren’t on the common Windows service pack
  • Multi-user mode is disabled

Important things you need to perform before a Manual Firewall configuration:

  • You must have the administrator’s credentials to perform the Firewall settings
  • In case you are using any third-party security application, ensure that you included the Firewall Ports & other required executable files for the QuickBooks Point of Sale
Firewall Configuration for QuickBooks Point of SaleOS

How to Do Firewall Configuration for QuickBooks Desktop POS?

Here are the Steps to Configure the manual firewall for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Step One

    First of All Open the Run Window by pressing the Windows+R buttons altogether

  2. Step Two

    Enter Control and then hit on OK button

  3. Step Three

    It will open the Control Panel Window

  4. Step Four

    Now adjust the View by setting to Small Icons

  5. Step Five

    Choose the Windows Firewall option

  6. Step Six

    Click on the Advanced Settings button and then hit on Inbound tab

  7. Step Seven

    Choose the New Rule

  8. Step Eight

    Click on the Port option and then hit on Next button

  9. Step Nine

    Select Advanced Settings and click Inbound

  10. Step Ten

    Write the Port numbers

  11. Step Eleven

    After this hit on the Next button

  12. Step Twelve

    Choose Allow Connection option and then hit on the Next button

  13. Step Thirteen

    Write the Firewall rule and then hit on the Finish option

  14. Step Fourteen

    In case of creating the new Outbound rule then repeat the procedure as done previously in the Inbound Rule.

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List the Point of Sale Firewall Ports in QuickBooks:

UDP (Outgoing)

  1. 8036
  2. 8035
  3. 8024
  4. 2638


  1. 8040
  2. 8443
  3. 8035
  4. 8024
  5. 8025
  6. 46228
  7. 46225
  8. 46216
  9. 46203
  10. 443
  11. 2638


Here the article about Firewall configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) completes! Hopefully, the information is beneficial to confidently proceed with the Firewall configuration process. In case of any doubt feel free to connect instantly with the QuickBooks team with a live chat option. Stay updated here to know the optimized accounting solutions to take your business to the next level.


  1. How I can discover the Firewall IP Address over the network?

    Follow the below steps:

    1. Log in to one of the systems in LAN protected by the firewall
    2. Open a Web Browser
    3. Enter in the URL of the free address-verifying services
    4. It will connect to the desired website
    5. Now read the page thoroughly and find the internet protocol services
    6. It is also the IP address of the firewall’s public interface

  2. How I can configure firewalls in QuickBooks?

    Follow the below steps:

    1. First of all, give a right-click on the Windows icon
    2. It will display a menu
    3. Choose Control Panel from the menu option
    4. It will display Control Panel Window
    5. Choose System and Security
    6. Click on Windows Firewall

  3. What is a role of a static packet filter?

    It is one of the types of perimeter firewalls. It works by blocking the networking traffic depending on the address information on the network packet. It is named the packet header.

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