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QuickBooks accounting software, although a powerfully build software outfitted with innovative features, is also prone to error as the program is set up over codes that might not be in tandem with the system it is hosted on. At times this could cause the QuickBooks software not to be accessed and the user is encountered with an error message stating QuickBooks Desktop Does Not Start. It could be a result of persistent clicking on the company file or QuickBooks software icon to start the software quickly. Herein, the user oversees that the software either does not open at all or only partially appears. Generally, the problem can be resolved by restarting the computer system.

Tip to keep in mind: It could be a direct result of persistently pressing on the icon of the QuickBooks program or the company file. It is advised to provide sufficient time lag in order to allow the software to load completely.

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks doesn’t start error

  • Windows works slowly
  • The software freezes.
  • The QuickBooks company file won’t open.
  • The computer reacts very slowly to the mouse and keyboard
  • The computer hangs now and then.

Causes of QuickBooks Desktop Doesn’t Start issue

There are myriad reasons for this issue to crop but at times the reason for this error could be a stuck application related to QuickBooks running in the background. This cause can be solved by ending the run process and reassessing the QuickBooks software.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Doesn’t Start Error?

To resolve this issue, the user can either connect with the customer support team of QuickBooks or try the following displayed resolutions as provided by Intuit. It is advised to follow the methods of resolution in the same pattern as they are displayed to get the best result.

The fixes to this issue are:

1. Method One: Close down Background Processes (QBW32.exe)

  • Locate and Navigate to the taskbar of Windows and then select the option of Start Task Manager.
  • Now select the Processes tab and then on the Name option to sort all the displayed process in alphabetical order.
  • Navigate and click on QBW32.EXE followed by selecting End Process to close this background process.

2. Method Two: Verify QuickBooks Software is Working Properly

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks desktop program icon and then right-click on it, followed by long press / holding CTRL key and lastly clicking on the Open tab. It is important to remember that the CTRL key is not left until the user is not displayed with No Company Open Screen.
  • Now access the company file.

3. Method Three: Reboot the Computer System

Another way of resolving this issue is by restarting the system on which QuickBooks is hosted. Any mild issues within the system will get resolved and the user will be able to access the system and software both from the scratch. Try to access the software once the system has been rebooted.

The above three methods should be able to resolve the problem of desktops not being able to access them. Apart from this users can also try:

  1. Resolving the problem by using the QBInstall program.
  2. Repairing the Installation process of the software.
  3. Clean uninstall and reinstall the software.

If this also does not work then the user should contact the technical QuickBooks Desktop team as the issue could be the result of technical malfunctioning. Another way is to connect with alternative support agencies like BusinessAccountings if the QuickBooks support team is busy and has a large queue.

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