QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Update Errors


QuickBooks Desktop 2018

A software is developed so that it makes our work easier but under certain conditions or scenario it too malfunctions and due to some fault it crashes and you encounter some technical error. These error can be categorized as a run-time error or syntax error. Run-time error is one of the common error which is caused when you are trying to run your software and Update Error in QuickBooks Desktop comes in that category.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Update Errors

Update Error in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

The QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Update Errors occurs when you are trying to upgrade your QuickBooks software to a new update released by Intuit. Error like this acts as a obstacle in the process of up gradation and you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of new updates.

Causes of QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

  • Issues with Internet Connections.
  • Configurations of firewall or Internet security in your system (Restrictive Setting).
  • Multiple case of QuickBooks open on same computer.


This error can be caused by unstable internet connections which causes update issues. Before resolving this error check for your internet speed. Here are solutions below which will help you in resolving this QuickBooks error.

Solution I:

  • You can see a clock in bottom right corner of your system. Right-click on it.
  • Click on option Adjust Date/Time.
  • Select Change date and time.
  • Click on current date and time.
  • Now double click on OK option to apply the recent changes in Date and time setting.
  • Close your QuickBooks Desktop software which runs in your system.
  • Try to open it again.
  • Update your QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution II:

  • Start your PC.
  • Check your secured internet connection by opening your Web browser.
  • Open Chase banking in your browser.
  • If you are unable to open Chase banking in your browser, it means that you won’t be able to receive any updates from QuickBooks.
  • In this situation occurs then contact Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance.
  • If you can view the website, then start QuickBooks.
  • Click on Help > Internet Connection Setup.
  • Select “Use my computer’s Internet Connection settings to establish a connection when this application access the Internet”.
  • Click on the “Next” option from the dialog box.
  • Select Advanced Connection Setting and press the Advanced tab.
  • Go to the Restore Advanced Setting button.
  • Go to OK and then click on Done to close this dialog box.
  • Look for updates in QuickBooks Desktop.

The solutions mentioned in this article are will rectify QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Update Errors. If you still face this problem then get in touch with QuickBooks. To contact them, you just have to dial their support toll-free number contact . They are online 24*7 to provide assistance to their users.

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