Opening and Closing an Existing Company File

How to Use Open and close an existing company file

QuickBooks provides you with the option to easily access different company files that already get exist. On opening of your QuickBooks account, you can open an existing company. Opening and Closing an Existing Company File. A company helps you to keep your company’s records and the information.

Opening and Closing an Existing Company File

Steps To Access Open And Close With a Existing Company File

  • First open your QuickBooks account, then you need to click on ‘Restore’ option. Then next select ‘open a company file’ open and proceed to the next.
  • Now select the existing company file that you want to open, for this you need to click ‘open’ and easily browse the existing company’s file folder.
  • Then from the selected company file, you need to click twice on the company file and then click on the ‘open list’ option. • Now, your selected company file gets open and you can easily access the selected company file.
  • In case, any wrong company file gets selected or open, you can close the unwanted file by canceling it, then select and open on the needed company file on which you want to work, for this you need to select the company file, then go through the above mentioned information and proceed to the next.

Advantages Of Using An Existing Company File

  • QuickBooks saves time of users by providing easy steps to go through the existing company file.
  • Opening and Closing an Existing Company File.
  • It reduces mistakes while performing steps and editing information.


So, users can easily get set-up with existing file in a few handy steps. QuickBooks provides its users with the online help of QuickBooks experts and professionals that gives with possible solutions contact .

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