Chaining Error in Company File in QuickBooks

Target Chaining in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

A very common problem that users face while using the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is the Chaining Error or Target Chaining Error. Such an error usually occurs when you run the Rebuild Utility or after rebuilding your company file in QuickBooks. Let us find out below what causes Chaining Error in QuickBooks and how to resolve it.


Causes of Chaining Error in Company File in QuickBooks

The QuickBooks.log file or QBWIN.log shows the chaining errors after rebuilding the company file. The main causes for Chaining Error in Company File in QuickBooks are as follows:

  • Verify Data Utility stops working
  • There is damage/problem in the company file which QuickBooks cannot fix.
  • When the data file size is larger than the recommended size of 1GB
  • When the data file is an older file of more than 10 years old
  • Your Internet network is slow
  • Your workstation and your server do not have enough RAM etc.

Steps to Resolve Chaining Error in Company File in QuickBooks

According to the makers of QuickBooks, the target chaining error cannot be fixed and there is no possibility of rebuilding the data file. However, if you have some technical expertise as a user, you can try the following:

For restoring the file or before rebuilding, create a backup file of the file that you want to restore. Now, on the restored file, do the following:

  • Open the QuickBooks Company file
  • Press F2
  • Product Information screen appears.
  • Select Versions used on File section
  • Check the RB This should not be anywhere close to the day when the problem started. Better, if there is no RB date.
  • Run Verify utility
  • If the problem still arises, look for another backup.
  • Or else, create a new company file in QuickBooks and re-enter your transactions.

Preventive Steps to Resolve Target Chaining Error in Company File in QuickBooks

As a user, you can try to modify or delete the transactions that are causing the problem or take preventive steps. This way, the chaining error problem can potentially be resolved. You can try the following to solve the Target Chaining Error in Company File in QuickBooks

  • Fix the corrupted transactions. Remove the corrupted files from the transactions available in the log file in QuickBooks.
  • Try to create a new company file at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  • A chaining error problem can be a temporary problem only if you make all the corrupted files in previous transactions inactive.
  • You should never use again the corrupted files, even in the case of negative inventory.

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