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QuickBooks is one of the most recommended accountancy software for the entrepreneur. However periodically because of some errors, end-user face problems like “Not able to open the company file in QuickBooks Premier.” Do not worry if you get this error! There are numerous probabilities to fix this problem. The reason for this occurred since you are just not utilizing the right version of QuickBooks, nevertheless a lot more distressing problems such as files corruption could be the reason.

Some of the common reasons why company files are not opening in QuickBooks Premier?

  • Missing out on or broken QBWUSER.INI file
  • The file is currently opened up by an additional end-user on the shared network.
  • Corrupted Windows Operating System
  • The company File name is way too long
  • Damaged program data
  • Hard disk Corruption
  • QuickBooks not upgraded to the most recent release.
  • Issues like getting access to authorizations, encrypted or compressed files, issues with the filename, and also an extension, as well as the corruption of the information within the file.

How to Fix Not Able to Open Company File Issue?

Attempt the following action in the order provided if you are Not Able to Open the Company File Issue.

  1. The first step to check the problem is with the company file and not with the software. Double-click on the QuickBooks and try to open it. If it does not begin, then that is the problem. However, if this is not the problem, proceed with the following actions.
  • Make certain that the most updated and newest version of QuickBooks has been installed.
  • Try to open the file with the same QuickBooks version that was accessed last time.
    • Try to find the company file on the desktop
    • Do right-click on the file and choose properties
    • Select the QuickBooks tab on the Properties page
    • The previously used version will appear
  • Access the file via QuickBooks.
    • Got to the File menu and try to restore or open the company file.
    • Select the suitable radio button based on whether a working company file, the backup file is, etc.
    • Go to the place where the company file is saved and select it.
    • Perform appropriate steps to place the file in the right location.
    • Click on the File menu for Accountant’s Copy, and select ‘Convert accountants copy transfer file.’
  1. Press the Alt key to close all QuickBooks windows and files from opening.

  • Choose the file and push the Alt key.
  • Afterward, click on Open.
  • If a login window appears, release the Alt key and enter the login credentials.
  • Push the Alt key after clicking on OK.
  • Press the Alt key the time file opens up, or an error message appears.
    1. Open a sample company file. If the document does not open, then the issue is with the QuickBooks setup.
  • Modify the place of the company file.
    1. Select properties of the Go to Windows Explorer and perform right-click on the File to select properties.

Note: The file size needs to be 7 Megabytes, and also it needs not be secured or compressed.

  1. Attempt relabelling the file.
  2. Eliminate multi-user accessibility by clicking the utility option in the File menu.

Important Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Please make sure that issue is with the company file not with the program itself prior to fixing the company file.
  • Prior to fixing any issue, bear in mind to have the newest upgraded version of QuickBooks.
  • Windows OS need not to be corrupt.

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