How to Integrate Salesforce Services with QuickBooks

QuickBooks enriched with trustable and productive features beneficial in streamlining the accounting tasks, including tax management, expense tracking, revenue, etc. Among those options, the integration option is widely useful. It allows ease of boosting functionality through integrating like Salesforce. There available several applications like DBSync, Workato, and more to proceed with QuickBooks Salesforce integration. Here in the below article, you will learn about the highlighting pointers of tools regarding Integrate Salesforce services with QuickBooks.

Get a clear picture of your business by integrate Salesforce services with QuickBooks and improving features like sales orders, invoicing expenses, and customer information. This process reduces duplicate data entry and enhances forecasting, and gives rise to a better opportunity to increase business productivity. It includes getting different measures to discover the weak components that require more development.

How can you proceed with integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks?

Salesforce referred to a CRM platform which brings customer and companies together. It acts as a single source with all departments like sales, service, commerce, and marketing comprised of many cloud-related features that you can easily with accounting software. There are a handful of tools available on the internet to allow Salesforce’s CRM option in QuickBooks. Below is a list of few tools.

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#1. DBSync

Use the DBSync tool to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks to allow you ease of synchronizing data between them. The data includes accounts, Sales orders, estimates, customer details, invoices, product items, configuration ability, pre-field mapping, and several other options. Additionally, this software is used in customer management through AR analytics tracking.

Characteristics of DBSync:

  1. Monitor Order to Cash
  2. Inventory integration
  3. It permits users to get insights regarding business to monitor the weaken component.
  4. This offers automation of generating payments, invoices, estimation, and pre-build workflows.
  5. It lessens the duplicate data entries, which in turn decreases errors, more beneficial in boosting productivity.
  6. There is no need for expertise in creating payment and invoice. It contains automation of the basic process.
  7. You can easily start with a pre-built workflow to boost customization.
  8. It performs Reconciling of invoice and payment automatically.
  9. It let you integrate standardized objects needed to perform operations like Timesheets, A/P, expenses, and A/R, etc.

#2. Breadwinner

Breadwinner is a powerful & robust QuickBooks and Salesforce integration tool, providing better effective, and productive solutions.

Top 3 tools to integrate Salesforce services with QuickBooks

Core Features:

  1. Support multiple currencies Account receivable and payable by tracking invoices and creating a bill.
  2. It offers a Sync of items, products, address, etc.
  3. This permits you to simplify the business operations enhances efficiency and operate in real-time.
  4. It allows better billing process, and let Sales teams create invoice quickly and helps to monitor the status such as paid, overdue and paid

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#3. Workato: A powerful solution for Salesforce and QuickBooks integration:

Workato comes in the list of useful integration tools to connect QuickBooks and Salesforce. It lets secure integration services manage complex business logic, conditional actions, and multi-step workflows. It referred to the trusted enterprise-class platform that permits bi-directional data synchronization. The plus point in this software is there is no coding needed, so no coding experience is needed.

What features we get in Workato?

  1. Workato lets you do item customization. You did not need a credit card to use a free trial of Workato.
  2. It permits the synchronization of all customers and invoices in QuickBooks automatically.
  3. Automatically Update the process of accounts.
  4. It allows Sync of accounts associated with Salesforce with customers of QuickBooks.
  5. Sync option availability to link items with Salesforce products
  6. It allows the management of both standard and custom objects.
  7. Simple to perform integration by clicking on the start button, and the data sync process automatically occurs.
  8. It allows ease of effortless real-time data transfer between Salesforce & QuickBooks.
  9. Entire QuickBooks records like items, list, or account get updated automatically in Salesforce.


Hopefully, the above write-up will help you comprehend the awareness about QuickBooks Integration to Salesforce Services. So now know about the most suitable tool to take your business to the next level. What to think? Download the appropriate one and start utilizing Salesforce’s optimized features in QuickBooks and save time by eliminating the time-consuming data entry process.

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