Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting



All About QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks is an accounting software that has gained popularity in the corporate world due to its numerous features which make accounting and finance-related tasks much easier and smooth for every user. It is being used by startups too which are steady on their growth path.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Daily tasks become unproblematic with a software like QuickBooks. For any kind of assistance related to QuickBooks, call on the toll free number- . They will clear any doubt related to the software. Let’s discuss about QuickBooks Hosting to get an idea about it.

What is QuickBooks Hosting?

The QuickBooks Hosting is also known as QuickBooks Cloud or Hosted QuickBooks. Installing of QuickBooks Desktop version on a network server on internet will help to access it on a browser from anywhere. An authenticated user can access data from any location.

With the help of QuickBooks hosting, a user can enjoy the robust desktop version and the ease of access of the online version.

QuickBooks Hosting: How it Works?

Let’s explore more about how the whole process works:

1. The server of service provider has copies of QuickBooks that are licensed.
2.There is online access to the server with definite configurations for a QuickBooks user:
a) Correct security procedures are followed for securing the application.
b) The end-user device and the server’s connectivity is established using Remote Desktop Protocol which can be configured for logging in.
c) Customization of the server so that it has access devices like smartphone, desktop, etc. It can operate on various Operating Systems or platforms.
3. A user of QuickBooks has the facility to access Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting online through browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
4. Hosted QuickBooks has the facility that any changes that a user makes will be saved automatically and will be visible to all users who are authorized.

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting As Compared to Traditional QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is definitely a popular accounting softwares. However, there are definite limitations to every software. Some of the shortcomings with QuickBooks Desktop are:

  • User access is limited
  • Remote Access is not there
  • Only local device has the data
  • Local device has some resource limitations
  • Real-time team collaboration is not there
  • Sharing and exchanging files is full of hassles
  • Lack of automation in updates
  • Automation of data entry is very less

Most of the shortcomings mentioned above can be overcome using the cloud technology. QuickBooks Hosting works around cloud technology. In fact, it acquires all the advantageous features that cloud offers including:

  • Multiple user access
  • Change tracking on real-time basis
  • Unlimited users with easy file sharing
  • Flexibility of Resources
  • Local IT expenses is reduced
  • Add-on integration is better
  • Security against loss of data

Hosting providers can host all versions of QuickBooks Desktop including QuickBooks ProEnterprise, Premier and Accountant. The QuickBooks tech support team can guide you in detail what needs to be done. The team of highly-trained QuickBooks professionals will be happy to help you.

QuickBooks  – Call 1-800-993-4190

It is a tension-free experience working on QuickBooks with team. We are available 24*7 for your guidance. A user can sign up with us for general info or for increasing their knowledge regarding the software. You can instantly call us on the toll-free number too.

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