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Future of QuickBooks Desktop Version

Future for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop version is a composition of the three major Intuit products i.e. QuickBooks Premier , QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks for Mac. The QuickBooks Desktop version 2017 comprise of enhanced features and benefits to the users for smooth business management. The latest multiple user experience feature permits users to quickly view the updated list of the users who are logged-in, you receive a timed logout notification, get a notification in case the users missed the log out time and implement the features like bill payment, scan and print checks, estimate and invoice relation in case another user is logged-in.

Future of QuickBooks Desktop Version

When we discuss about the future of QuickBooks Desktop version there are numerous reasons that brings consciousness in QuickBooks Desktop users. Intuit believes all the future depends in the cloud hosting. In case you wanted to find reference for the QuickBooks Desktop it was impossible and Intuit CEO, Brad Smith mentioned about the five-year plan about discontinuing this product. He said this when he was approached regarding the QuickBooks future.

There are some major points that support Intuits future plans for QuickBooks Desktop application. The points detail why QuickBooks Desktop will not exist in the near future or after five year. The points are listed below:

  • Access to Cloud: As the name goes QuickBooks Desktop states that it is a Desktop product. It is not a cloud compatible product. However if you wish you can attempt using internet in different ways but of course it has additional costs and restrictions.
  • Mobile Technology: QuickBooks Desktop is not a mobile friendly product. Users are limited to connect with this software through mobile devices. The user gets restricted to access the software at work place only.
  • Assemble Data: Collection of crucial data is one of the essentiality of the technological advancement plan of Intuit. The data stored in QuickBooks Desktop is difficult to access.
  • Monopoly Business & Contract Workers: QuickBooks Desktop product is not user friendly product practically. As said, with QuickBooks accounting software business management becomes smooth and easy but in reality it is not that easy as it sounds. It requires technical knowledge and assistance to run the software. For any business owner it requires initial guidance.
  • Globalization: QuickBooks Desktop version is scare in countries like US, Canada and United Kingdom. There are less chances of its being available in any other country-specific versions.

For more detailed information about the product you can contact QuickBooks Desktop support phone number. The support team is highly capable of according latest and authentic information on QuickBooks and its products. You can connect with them through email support or online chat option. Call to the QuickBooks Customer Service contact and fetch immediate and reliable services.

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