How to Set Up QuickBooks Desktop on The Server


QuickBooks Desktop : Setup & Configuration

QuickBooks Pro gives alternatives to install a multi-user setting for a single user to make use of two computer systems or for numerous users. Each different individual has to have a genuine license to make use of the Setup QuickBooks desktop on the server software program.

Licensed end users could log in as well as gain access to the very same QuickBooks documents if you have actually set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your web server and also accredited end users to access your QuickBooks company documents. As soon as installed, QuickBooks Database Server Manager checks your business computer systems for updates documents and also immediately sets up brand-new company files to sync with accredited computer systems linked to your network.

Step by Step Procedure to Install QuickBooks Database Server

It is possible with the help of QBDSM (QuickBooks Database Server Manager). It is a utility that permits to configure the QuickBooks for multi-user accessibility.

  1. Close up every running program on your dedicated file web server computer system, consisting of infection security programs that may disrupt the setup. Press “ALT-F4” as well as shut any running applications in Windows 8.
  2. Put the QuickBooks CD right into your optical drive as well as begin the setup program. If you have a downloaded edition of QuickBooks actually, double-click the installer file.
  3. Click on “Yes to All” when triggered to overwrite existing documents. Read carefully and accept the license agreement, select the “Next” option. To proceed further, choose”Next” once again.
  4. Choose “Customized and also Network Options” as well as pick the alternative that does not need a license and also permits you to set up just the documents to share your company file across the network.
  5. Choose the “Greater Than One End-user” alternative and also “Install Database Web Server Solely.” Comply with the triggers that overview via the setup. Select the alternative to permit gain access to various other computer systems to open up documents on this computer system. Click on “Next.”.
  6. Click on “Install.” Click on “Complete” to open up QuickBooks.
  7. Select the “Scan Folders” tab in the QuickBooks Database Web Server Manager.
  8. Select the “Add Folder” key and also choose the place where your company file is saved or choose the alternative to check all folders if you are unclear. If you do not pick this alternative, various other end users will not have the ability to open up the company file from another location.
  9. Select “Scan” as well as “Close” when the scan finishes.

How to Set Up QuickBooks Desktop Database Web Server Accessibility?

  1. Go to the “File” and also the “Utilities” menu in QuickBooks.
  2. Select the “File” menu, “Utilities” and also “Host Multi-User Accessibility” on the computer system you intend to make use of for admin accessibility.
  3. Select the “Company” menu as well as “Set Up End Users along with Passwords.”
  4. Choose “Set Up End users” along with “Include End-user.”
  5. Add a username along with the password and also choose the accessibility alternatives for the end-user to alter or remove financial transaction alternatives for the end-user. Click on “Complete.”.
  6. Open up QuickBooks on each computer system linked to the network. Go to the “File” menu and also “Open up or Recover” Company.
  7. Go to “Open Up a Company File” and choose the “Next” option.
  8. Surf to the network place where you kept your QuickBooks Database Web server Management documents. Select the file and also click on “Open.”.
  9. Enter the username along with the password designated to every computer system to log in.

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