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QuickBooks is one of the most used and best accounting, business, and finance software. Small and medium businesses love using it for sorting all accounts and finances. If you are also one of the users then you must be benefitting a lot from the software. The QuickBooks Database Server may stop working for many reasons, and if any such thing happens, then you will have to troubleshoot it. But before you troubleshoot, you will have to find out how the server works, what it is used for.

What is the Function of the QuickBooks Database Server?

On the installation of QuickBooks, you get to choose between two versions of the server. The Sybase server is installed as the personal database server when the software is installed as standalone software. In this case your company file and QuickBooks software, all are on the same local drive. This type of server is for the single user and for use in the same machine, and it acts as an embedded server for database management.

Now the network database server is different than the personal server. It is made to support and establish communication between the client and the server through the network when multiple users are connected. Now one thing which is the same in both the network server and personal server versions is the request processing engine. The same features on the database are supported by both. This means the QuickBooks database server and the QuickBooks personal server both can run a company file made either one of the servers if the version of QuickBooks is the same in both server types. But if you want to enjoy communications across a network, then you will have to use the network server version. And it depends on the QuickBooks version that how many connections will be handled by the server at a time.

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When You Encounter a Problem with the Database Server

You encounter a problem with the network database server when the server is going to host your QuickBooks file. As it does not start operating in a normal routine. Now, this happens, when you reboot the server during a non-routine activity, or when you install an update of the server.

Fix QuickBooks has Stopped Working Error

The best resolution when your QuickBooks database server won’t start is to reboot or restart your QuickBooks server. Click on the Windows Start, and from there go to the Control panel. Click on Administrative tools on Control Panel. Now you would get Services; click on it. Find your QuickBooks database server from the list you see, and right-click on it.

For QuickBooks 2012 it will be QuickBooksDB22 and for 2013 it will be DB23. For 2014 it will be DB24 and for QuickBooks 2015 it will be QuickBooksDB25.


Solutions when QuickBooks database server manager not running

Learn how to restart QuickBooks. There might be several reasons why QuickBooks does not work. So follow these resolutions and make free yourself from this problem.

Solution 1: Run Quick Fix my Program from the QuickBooks Tools Hub

There are two methods in the first solution so follow these methods in the sequence.

Method 1: QuickBooks Tools Hub – Download and install

The QuickBooks Tool Hub regularly helps in repairing common problems.

  1. First, close QuickBooks
  2. Then download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file. And keep save that file at the particular place where you can quickly find out that file such as on your Windows Desktop.)
  3. After downloading open that downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  4. Then follow the on-screen instruction for the installation and agree to terms and conditions for the further process.
  5. Double-click to the desktop symbol to start the tool hub after ending the installation.

Note: If you are unable to find the symbol, so you can search on the windows for QuickBooks Tool Hub and select the program.

Method 2: From the Tools Hub, start the Quick Fix my Program

The Quick fix will close all the background applications QuickBooks uses. Because it runs an immediate repair on your program.

  1. Select Program Problems in the QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  2. Choose Quick Fix my Program.
  3. Also, begin QuickBooks Desktop and start your company file.

Solution 2: Repair your QuickBooks Desktop Installation

Start a repair to restore all corrupted installation files. You can also go with this article QuickBooks Desktop does not work.

Intuit QuickBooks Support advises that before restoring it, prepare the CD for QuickBooks Desktop Installation or if you purchase it online then suggested you download the installer from the website.

Windows 10, 8/8.1, and 7

  • Do not be deceived by recommendations to the Installation Wizard. It is the Installation Wizard that runs Repair.
  • Shut down all the additional programs that interfering with QuickBooks and restart the system.
  • Necessity makes back up of your QuickBooks company file.
  • Go to the Start and choose Control Panel. (In Windows 8/8.1: Proceed to the Start menu, type Control panel to find it. When you find it click on it to open.)
  • Choose Programs and Features. If it is necessary, select to Uninstall a program.
  • (If this opportunity is not visible then, choose Programs, and tick on Program Features.)
  • And select QuickBooks in the menu of programs and tick on Uninstall/Change.
  • Click on Continue, and go for Next.
  • Click on the Repair then Next. Wait till the repair is complete.
  • After completing click on Finish. Then restart your system if prompted.
  • Make assured you have downloaded the newest QuickBooks release and the latest payroll tax table when you start QuickBooks.

Solution 3: Run the Clean Install tool from the Tools Hub

If the query is still on then you can start Clean install QuickBooks Desktop. That automatically renames your old install folders for you. This helps QuickBooks to add new install files when you reinstall. It will not raise your company file it will continue the same.

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Solution 4: Suppress the QuickBooks Desktop Application

Your company file may be damaged. So, discover the issue if the problem is with QuickBooks or with your data file. Maybe QuickBooks trying to open your previous version QuickBooks file.

  • You can click or hold the Ctrl key, or Open QuickBooks Desktop by double-click on it.

Note: Make sure do not release the Ctrl key until you search out the “No company open” or unless QuickBooks freeze or display an error.

  • Then Open the company file.

Solution 5: Start the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool from the Tools Hub

  1. Open QB Tool Hub.
  2. Select Installation Issues in the tools hub.
  3. Click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  4. You require to make passions a tool that will consider up to 20 min to run.
  5. After finishing restart the system.
  6. Also, open QuickBooks Desktop and then open your company file.

In case, you spot that the start typeset for any of them is Automatic, then you have to reset the option so that it gets immediately launched. In case of further troubles, you would always get help from QuickBooks experts.


  1. What are the steps to restart the QuickBooks Database Server stopped working and is installed on the host or server?

    1. Open the Control Panel
    2. Then select the Administrative Tools
    3. After that, double-click on the Services
    4. You have to click on the data, manager that stopped working
    5. In the end restart your computer and then try again.

  2. If I have only QuickBooks Database Server Manager installed on my system then how can I fix QuickBooks Database Server stopped working?

    In case when you have only install the QuickBooks Database server Manager the steps are as follows:-

    1. Open the Control Panel into your computer
    2. Select the Administrative Tools to open it
    3. Go to the Services and open it
    4. Select and right-click on correct Data Manager
    5. Then from options click on Restart to restart the database server manager
    6. Still, its not working then you have to do follows:
    *** Use repair tool and repair the QuickBooks Program
    *** Then Reinstall the QuickBooks using Clean Install and you are done.

  3. What if I have installed a full QuickBooks Program on the server or host how can I resolve the QuickBooks Database Server that stopped working?

    1. First of all, open the QuickBooks Program on the Server
    2. Then go to the Files menu
    3. Click on Open and Restore company 
    4. Further select open a Company file and then click on Next to continue
    5. Select the company file
    6. Then check the checkbox says to open it in multi-user mode
    7. Click on the open button
    8. Mention the username and password if asked to login into your account or company file
    9. Click on the close company or log off to close the company file on the server.

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