Version Upgrade in QuickBooks

How to version upgrade in QuickBooks 2017?

Being one of the top choices for tax and finance management, the quicken software is available in various versions. The users of the software can upgrade the version they are using for the software whenever a new version is made available. The latest version of the software is QuickBooks 2017. With each new upgrade that is available to you, you can get a number of new features and functions to enjoy. However, before you upgrade the software it is important that you check the system requirements, operating system available to you, and the hardware requirements for your device. Remembering these factors would ensure that your up-gradation of the QuickBooks 2017 is done properly.

System requirements for Version Upgrade in QuickBooks

The users of QuickBooks need certain software and hardware specifications to ensure the version of the software works smoothly on your device without any hindrance at all. There are supported operating systems and the hardware required to look forward to.

Supported operating system required:

      • Windows 8.1
      • Windows 7
      • The Windows vista- the SP2 version or later
      • Windows Server 2012
      • Windows small business 2011
      • Small business server 2008
      • Windows Server 2008 R2
      • Windows Server 2008

Hardware requirement

      • A minimum of 4 GB ram and 8 GB RAM is recommended
      • 4GHz of the processor at the least
      • The server RAM requirements:
        • In case 5 persons use the profile: 8GB RAM
        • For at the most 10 people: 12GB RAM
        • Up to 15 users: 16 GB RAM
        • For up to 20 users and more: 20+ GB RAM
      • High-speed internet access
      • 4x CD-ROM drive
      • 5 GB of disk space at the least
      • 250 MB for 4.0 runtime
    1. The users can update data files to the newer version easily. If the users would have to open the files in the QuickBooks 2017 version simply to open the file in the upgraded version once you have installed it on your device. The users would get a message asking them to convert the file to the latest version when they try to open it and then they can simply choose the best option that would suit the requirements.
    2. Users should remember that once they have been converted to the newer versions the files cannot be once again opened or changed back to the older version of the files.
    3. The users can only change the version to the older one again only when they are working with the QuickBooks accountant version.
    4. The users cannot change the versions of the QuickBooks to a lower option once converted, but, the premier versions can be opened with QuickBooks pro and vice versa.

One must keep in mind all these factors to make sure their device works smoothly and properly and they can easily install the quicken 2017 to their device. The users always have the option to get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical support for any solution they need.


The Quickbooks 2017 version is one of the finest versions you can opt for. If you have any trouble with the working you can always seek help from the experts at the customer support.

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