4 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 7149

QuickBooks Error Code 7149: Get reliable solutions

QuickBooks Error Code 7149 is a runtime error that arises due to corrupt program files or other errors in the registry. When you attempt to open QuickBooks, the machine crashes and an error message like Error Code 7149: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. The machine crashes repeatedly in the same way when you close it and try to re-open QuickBooks. For a few seconds, the machine can even freeze. Thus reading the article thoroughly is recommended if you want to resolve the error permanently with the help of the below-mentioned quick solutions.

QuickBooks Error Code 7149

Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error code 7149

Proper identification of the error makes it easy to fix the error. Below are some stated symptoms that help you to easily identify this error. Let check it out:

  • The active application or program window gets crashed
  • QuickBooks freezes again and again in the same manner
  • Or your system might also start freezing
  • Error code itself flashes on your screen
  • Windows run sluggishly or the keyboard and mouse inputs not visible on your screen
  • Moreover, the windows-based system crashes again with the error.

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Possible causes that trigger QuickBooks error code 7149

It can be caused by more than one factor as mentioned below. Let us check out some of the most common causes that could trigger the same:

  • Downloaded files get corrupted or damaged
  • QuickBooks installation is not completely done
  • Windows files being corrupted by a virus, malware, or Trojan
  • Some important QuickBooks files got deleted by mistake
  • Windows registry files being corrupted due to changes such as QuickBooks installation or n
  • Virus-infected to your system and this could destroy the QuickBooks program files and stopping it from running properly.

How to fix QuickBooks error code 7149

Now that we are aware of the reasons for QuickBooks Error 7149, let us now look at how to repair this error:

Method 1: Repairing or reinstalling QuickBooks

In order to get rid of this error, users can simply repair and reinstall QuickBooks and the steps involved in this process include:

  • In the beginning, go to the Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs
  • Next, look for the Windows Start menu
  • Now, navigate the QuickBooks software and then make right-click on the same
  • After that, click Repair and then perform these on-screen instructions
  • At last, restart your system and try to open QuickBooks.

In case, this process won’t work that means you might need to uninstall QuickBooks completely and then reinstall the same.

Method 2: Removing Malware

Using your antivirus software or essentials related to Windows Security, search your system. Delete it completely and restart your machine if there is any threat or malware shown. You might try running QuickBooks again now.

Method 3: Correct the Register keys for QuickBooks

Doing this by yourself is incredibly dangerous for the proper functioning of the machine if you are not a computer professional. So for this, you won’t have steps to perform. Downloading registry cleaner software is best recommended.

Method 4: Disabling your Antivirus for some time

Try disabling your antivirus by checking the taskbar for its icon, right-clicking it, and choosing Disable. It should then be possible for QuickBooks to open normally. You can also try to boot your device in a protected mode and try to open or update QuickBooks.


To get rid of this error, we have tried to sum up all possible solutions in the above article. In any case, if you continue facing the same issue even after the above methods. It is recommended you consult a QuickBooks team of experts immediately via email at This email address customer@businessaccountings.com or do a live chat with professionals. The team who works the entire day to provide the best possible support services.

Source: QuickBooks Support for Windows

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