How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15215


QuickBooks’ error 15215 occurs when doing payroll updates and maintenance releases. You can install payroll downloads or updates. Another probable reason might be a conflict with another application that is running background when you attempt to download the payroll update. However, it is pretty easy to spot such an update error because when QuickBooks encounter such errors, then a message that reads “QuickBooks error 15215 servers not running” or unable to verify the digital signature” is unexpectedly released. Once you identify the error, then it’ll be easy for you to rectify it with the below-provided troubleshooting methods.

What are 5 Reasons Causes QuickBooks Error 15215?

There are multiple reasons that cause this error. Let’s check out some potential reasons:

A firewall or firewall configuration that can prevent the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll from connecting to an update server.

  • Software for QuickBooks is not configured correctly or gets corrupt.
  • Your MS Windows machine files or QB payroll application files have been infected by viruses or ransomware or some other malware.
  • QuickBooks payroll related files were mistakenly deleted by a program or software.
  • Improper Microsoft IE setup.
  • In the background, there is another program that runs and conflicts with QuickBooks.

How to learn QuickBooks Error 15215

What are 6 signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error 15215?

Check out the list of symptoms that indicates that QuickBooks is suffering from error code 15215:

  1. It crashes all the active programs and applications
  2. The system gets corrupted while running the same program simultaneously
  3. Error code 15215: “Unable to verify the digital signature” message pops up on your screen
  4. Slow and sluggish performance of the windows
  5. The system responds leisurely on the keyboard and mouse input
  6. The system starts freezing after the fixed time span.

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5 Troubleshooting Methods to fix QuickBooks error 15215

This error normally triggered by a conflict with another application that is running in the background when you attempt to download and install a payroll update. The application could be a program that needed a lot of bandwidth, avoiding QB Desktop Payroll from making a connection to the web server.

Below are some methods that you can apply in order to get rid of QuickBooks error 15215:

Method 1: Reboot your PC

Many of the problems associated with QuickBooks and Windows can be avoided only by rebooting your system. This move prevents any application that disrupts the closing or resetting of the QuickBooks Payroll settings.

Method 2: Log in QuickBooks as a Windows Administrator

Running QB as a Windows Admin enables your QuickBooks application to take authority over every possible windows application. It also lets you QB software to take the necessary resources in order to run properly.

  • In the beginning, close your QuickBooks software and make sure you confirm it
  • Next, hit the icon “Desktop”
  • Select the option named “Run as Administrator”
  • In case, it redirects you to a dialogue “Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your system?”
  • Then you have to select the “Yes” button.

Method 3: Confirm Use TLS 1.0 is checked and Use TLS 1.1 and Use 1.2 are unchecked within the Internet options window of Internet Explorer

  • In the very first step, close QuickBooks software
  • Next, open/access to your browser “Internet Explorer”
  • After that, move to the Tools >> Internet Option tab
  • Now, hit the “Advanced” tab
  • Look for the Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.2, Use TLS 1.1 within the open tab
  • Once you find then verified whether the Use TLS 1.0 is marked or not
  • Along with that, you need to confirm Use TLS 1.2 and Use TLS 1.1 must not be checked
  • Once you’re done with that, press the Ok in order to close the windows
  • After that, close your Internet Explorer
  • Reboot your PC when you’re going to restart or reopen your QuickBooks
  • At last, make an attempt to download the QuickBooks update once again.

Method 4: Configure firewall and other security programs

Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub and launch the QB File Doctor.
This immediately opens up your ports and fixes this mistake.

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Method 5: Manually install updates

  • First, you need to look for the latest release of QuickBooks updates
  • Make sure that you select the product
  • Hit the change and then choose the QuickBooks product option
  • After that, you need to choose the update option also choose the location where you wish to save your file
  • Then hit Save and then locate the downloaded that you download earlier
  • Install the update by double-click on the same
  • Once the installation successfully completes, then you need to restart your windows
  • And finally, check whether you have the latest updates by pressing the F2 key from your console.

Wrapping up!

Hopefully, it would be helpful for you to correct QuickBooks error 15215 with the above details. But in any case, you find difficulties or unable to rectify the error you are suggested to get assistance from QuickBooks technical team. You can go with either option drop an email or do a live chat which is available 24*7. This update error may also put some restrictions on the access to the server that leads to low or no response so the most important is that users should consider regularly updating the software.


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