5 Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111

QuickBooks accounting software is a well-known software that is used by many business owners to run their small-medium businesses. This software provides a spectacular stage for them where they can extend their business to another level. But it is very important to learn the functioning of new features as well as their defective efficiency.

Because there are multiple errors in the QuickBooks accounting software and one of them you are facing is QuickBooks Error Code Skipped-111. This issue is related to Data Recovery and can be rectified easily if you know the solution. In this article, you learn many technical things and resolve the error. Make sure you understand the things properly only then start to execute the steps.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 111?

QuickBooks Error Code Skipped-111 is a very general issue that arises many issues in the QuickBooks software. This issue wouldn’t allow you to do any task until you solve it. Under this error, the data is gathered and reformed into data sections and new data utility.

You face the error message while operating the software. The error message has appeared on your screen in the form of text that says- “Recover data file” or your “QuickBooks is not working”. You need to take some strict measures to resolve the issue.

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What are the major causes of Error Skipped Code 111?

  • QuickBooks Error Skipped-111 is probably arising in the software due to the spoilage in the file.
  • It occurs due to the outbreak of harmful viruses
  • Due to the defect in the hard-disk
  • The shortage of RAM in the system and your system is dealing with the system storage
  • You didn’t take a backup of the data file for a longer period
QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111_ Recover Data File

How QuickBooks Error Code 111 impacted that system?

  • It may delete your financial data that create a serious problem for your business
  • May corrupt the necessary company files that leads to many other issues
  • You can also lose the operational or track data that helps you to stay updated about your employees
  • You can’t able to make use of features in the QuickBooks software
  • It won’t provide you the time for the backup and extrude all the data from the system
  • You can’t add or update any data in the QuickBooks software that may delay your work-process
  • Any error in the system indirectly affects the system’s other devices, files and folders also. In brief, it affects the function and performance of the system.

How can the QuickBooks Error Skipped-111 be fixed?

Creating problems is an easy task. You all do it all the time. But quest the solutions, ones that last and produce the good results, require guts and patient. Exactly you have to do the same to resolve the QuickBooks Error Skipped-111 you need to be finding the right way and be patient as the process requires some time. Here is the resolution method that guides to the solution of the problem. Read the below-mentioned points and get back to your error-free QuickBooks software.

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Here below are some steps to fix Error

Here you noticed that the QuickBooks Data recovery feature elaborated to make you understand how it effective likes magic. QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery function is a newly launched feature and is associated with QuickBooks 2010 R12 and QuickBooks 2011 R6 but it offered only in Pro and Premier Versions

  • In the first step, the Auto Data recovery feature is operated in a certain internal diagnostics on the file and also in a certain test. If the file is opened without showing any error that means you clear the test successfully. It shows that there is no error in the QuickBooks software and a backup will build in the auto data recovery folder.
  • After that, the ADR transaction log program will be invoicing all of the transactions that added in the file to QuickBooks previously
  • When the recovery process is done, QuickBooks software will build its own copy. But if the QuickBooks software already opened then the backup file is not capable to create
  • This will give the two backup files one of them was made in the last 12 hours and another backup was made 1 day ago.
  • The old file gets removed from the computer system through automation.

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QuickBooks Error Code Skipped-111 resolve is not an easy job as it seems you have to gain proper knowledge to solve this. After reading this article hope you get enough knowledge and succeed to solve the error. In case there is any other problem that occurs that creates a hindrance while resolving the error, get in touch with QuickBooks ProAdvisors. They try their best to find out convenient ways to resolve your all problematic issues.

Infographic to Fix The QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111

Infographic to Fix The QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111
Infographic to Fix The QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111


  1. Q: How does Auto Data Recovery work to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111?

    The QuickBooks ADR component internally repairs the damage that occurred in the file. If the opened file passes out the tests, the program accepts the file.

  2. Does QuickBooks Error Code Skip 111 corrupt my QuickBooks company file?

    QuickBooks Error Code Skipped 111 is not a straightforward error. It is very dangerous for your financial data as well as company file data. Hence, don’t take it as a pie of cake.

  3. Does the Auto Data Recovery tool allow restoring the old data file?

    The last result you will get is two backup files one of them was created 12 hours ago and the second one was created one day ago (24 hours) and the old file that you want to restore shall be deleted automatically from the computer system.

  4. What is the limit to using the Auto Data Recovery tool?

    You can use the Auto Data Recovery tool if the size of your file is smaller than 1.5 GB. If the size of the file is bigger than the limit then unfortunately you are not able to use Auto Data Recovery.

  5. Can I use Auto Data Recovery in the QuickBooks Premiere?

    Yes, you can use Auto Data Recovery in QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise for Windows. This feature is not available in the Accountant Editions.

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