Fix QuickBooks Asking for Administrator Password

How to Fix QuickBooks Asking for Administrator Password In 4 Easy Steps

QuickBooks Administrator password is required to access all the sensitive data that you have stored in your QuickBooks files. As far as security concerns, keeping a strong password or resetting the QB passwords regularly is also worthwhile in terms of recognizing theft concerns as well and the use of administrator passwords has notably increased.

However, the need to enter a password may lock you out from accessing the information in case you lose the admin password. If you have also the same concerns or getting an error message that QuickBooks Asking for an Administrator password to access the crucial information. Read this article carefully as it discloses all the relevant information regarding admin password issues.

QuickBooks Require for Administrator password

Reasons Why QuickBooks Asking/Requires Administrator Permissions

There can be possibly more than one reason which QB administrator permissions issues crop up on your screen.

A few of them are listed down:

  • You might have logged in as the Windows Administrator
  • QuickBooks Desktop POS installation damage can be one of the apparent reasons behind the occurrence of this error
  • QBDB2x folder permissions are not properly configured
  • Damaged Windows users can also give rise to the need for the QB default admin password
  • When you’re using the same year of QB Enterprise and another QuickBooks Editions simultaneously on your system

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How do I find QuickBooks Administrator Password?

It is not unusual that QuickBooks user loses or forget the admin password. To find the QuickBooks Administrator Password, one can easily recover the admin password using the QB Administrator Password Reset/Recovery Service. It reset the Admin username’s password in your QuickBooks Company data file so you can open your company file as the Administrator. One can also retrieve or crack the admin password using the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool.

What to do if QuickBooks is asking for Admin Password?

You can try the below-provided multiple troubleshooting methods to get rid of this error. Before you dive directly to the fixation parts, you can also try the following:

  • Exit out from QuickBooks and launch it once again
  • Restarting QB Database Server Manager can also sometimes rectify the error

If the above doesn’t resolve your issue then follow the below troubleshooting solutions listed below and learn to open QuickBooks as an Administrator.

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks as an Administrator on your Windows

Follow the different steps for different Window:

For Windows 10

  • Initially, click the Windows Start button at the left corner button on your screen
  • Next, go to the Settings >> Accounts
  • After that, pick the option “Family and Other Users” >> choose Administrator rights
  • Now, go to the “Change Account Type” >> Account Type
  • Choose the Administrator within the Account Type section
  • To save all the changes that are made, click Ok.

For Windows 8

  • First, log in with your Admin account
  • Then press the Windows key and type User within the search box
  • Next, go to the User Accounts >> Manage Another Account
  • Choose the user account that you wish to give the Admin rights to and then hit the option “Change the Account Type
  • At last, checkmark or select the Administrator option and then hit the “Change Account Type” option.

For Windows 7

  • In the beginning, restart your Windows and then try to login with your Admin account
  • Next, click the Windows Start button and then type “User Accounts” in the search box
  • From the top of the appear list, you have to choose the User account and then click on the Manage Accounts option
  • If needed, you have to enter the admin password
  • Along with that, you have to click the User account name under the tab “Users for this computer
  • From the Group Membership section, you have to select Properties >> Admin Group
  • Once done with that then hit the OK button twice to save all the changes that are made.

Solution 2: Try to resolve QuickBooks Database Server Manager Issue

Users need to restart the related service of QuickBooks Database Server Manager depending on the QuickBooks Desktop versions that are currently in use:

  • The very first, press the Windows + R key to open the run window
  • Type service.msc in the open Run window
  • Then hit Ok and discover any of the service named QBDB26, QBDB27, QBDB28, QBPOS Database Manager from the services list
  • Make a right-click on the selected services to select the Properties option
  • Go to the General tab and then from the Startup Type drop-down list, you have to select Automatic
  • After that, click Apply followed by the Ok button to save the modified settings
  • From the left pane, click Stop then Start button
  • In case, you still receive the same message “This action requires Administrator Permission” then you’re required to follow the next troubleshooting solutions.

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Solution 3: Turn-off User Account Control (UAC) on Windows

Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 implement additional settings for User Account Control (UAC) that are similar to the security zone model of Internet Explorer. You can allow or disable UAC alerts if you are logged in as a local administrator, or choose when to notify you about changes to your device.

Solution 4: Attempt the reinstallation of QuickBooks Desktop with the help of Windows Administrator Account

Create a secure backup of the QuickBooks company file and then try to reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop software with the help of the QB Clean Install Tool.

QuickBooks Asking for Administrator Password

How to fix the “QuickBooks asking Administrator Password” Issue?

To get rid of such admin password issues then you can have the option to stay logged in to your QB company file to which you no longer need to log in to your company file every time. Instead, you only have to log in with the appropriate username and passwords once the extended period has expired or when you’ve explicitly logged off from the company file. Being an admin, you can choose how long you remain logged in with a maximum of 90 days (the default period is 2 days).

Let’s see how to enable this option:

  • Go to the menu “Company
  • Select the “Set Up Users and Passwords” >> Manage Login Settings
  • Pick the option “Keep user logged for” under the section named Manage Login Settings
  • After that, choose the days from 90, 60, 30, 7, and 1 day.


After reading the above article, you might be aware of the importance of an Administrator password. To secure sensitive information, QuickBooks requires a password when opening your company file. With the above-provided information, you can easily resolve your password-related queries like QuickBooks Asking for the Administrator password. For more information or concerns, you can approach QuickBooks ProAdvisors to make your queries resolved at ease.

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  1. What are the basic requirements before composing the QuickBooks Administrator Password?

    You should follow the listed specific criteria before you start composing your password:

    1. Password should be of 7 characters (minimum)
    2. Make sure you used at least 1 numeric character
    3. At Least 1 uppercase must be used
    4. Don’t give any space between the characters
    5. Confirm that the passwords should be case sensitive
    6. Password should be tough to crack but easy to remember
    7. User should not log in to the account on another device or network
    8. Avoid including any social information.

  2. How do I reset the password for QuickBooks Administrator?

    Here’s how to reset the password:

    1. Go to the Company file and then Company >> Setup Users and Password
    2. Enter the current password
    3. Type a new password and also confirm the same in the confirm password tab
    4. Once done then click Ok.

  3. How can I change another user’s password?

    Changing another user’s password can only be done by the Administrator. In other words, QuickBooks Administrator has only the right to change the same.

    Here’s How

    1. First, log in to your company file as an Admin
    2. Next, move to the Company menu
    3. Then click Setup Users and Passwords >> Set Up Users
    4. If asked, enter the password once again
    5. Choose the user whose password you wish to change from the User list
    6. Enter the new password and then confirm the same in the confirm password field
    7. At last, hit Next twice followed by Ok.



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