Blank Page while Printing the Summary of Expenses in QuickBooks


QuickBooks Printing Reports

Users of QuickBooks when printing reports, at times face the problem of blank prints. You give the print command for printing the summary of expenses in QuickBooks and a blank page comes out of the printer. Isn’t this irritating? What causes this problem? How do you solve this problem? Let us help you here in this article:

Blank Page while Printing the Summary of Expenses in QuickBooks

Causes of Blank Page while Printing the Summary of Expenses in QuickBooks

  • You are not using Adobe PDF reader
  • Your Adobe PDF reader is damaged and cannot read the PDF file
  • You Adobe PDF reader is not updated
  • Your Adobe reader is not of the latest version
  • Sometimes there can be webpage issues etc.

Resolving the Problem of Blank Page while Printing the Summary of Expenses in QuickBooks

Try the following methods to solve the problem:

  • Ensure that your computer has Adobe installed on it.
  • Ensure that your computer meets the Adobe software requirements.
  • QuickBooks can print documents only when the view mode of the document is in Adobe PDF reader. So if your document is in the format of word doc or notepad or form, you have to convert it into Adobe PDF reader.
  • You need to uninstall and then reinstall Adobe PDF reader.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe. If not, then download the latest version online, install and run it. Once done, restart your computer and then give the print command.
  • Update your Adobe Reader.
  • Even if the problem persists with the new Adobe reader, then this can be a webpage issue. For this, you can opt for another browser or you can clear the cache of your browser. You can also update your old browser.
  • You can also opt for Display PDF in Browser
  • You can try the basic method at the very beginning. Shut down the computer, turn off the printer, wait for few seconds and then turn on both the computer and the printer.
  • When you open Adobe Acrobat/Reader, make sure there is no error.

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