Deleting and Marking Item Inactive



Deleting And Marking Items Inactive

QuickBooks is an accounting software that becomes more popular towards its users because of its advanced, secure and easily operated accounting features. Deleting and Marking Item Inactive It maintains your records up to date and offers basic reporting of inventory and costing. If a user doesn’t want to stock these items further, then it can remove these items from inventory. Basically, inactive list includes that item which never used in any transaction, but sometimes the users doesn’t want to keep further used transacted item, then it can’t be deleted in other word it can only be stored.

Steps To Inactive Items In QuickBooks

  • First, log in with your cookbook account.
  • Then click “List” from gear menu.
  • Select “New” and click “Inventory Part”.
  • From “Items” list, locate or select the items that you want to delete.
  • Click “Quickreport” from the menu. • Select “All” in the “Date” range at the top of the screen.
  • Right-click on the first transaction listed next to the item you wish to remove and select “Delete
  • Repeat this for each transaction that associated with the inventory item.
  • Select the inventory item by highlighting it. Select “Delete.”
  • You can view inactive list items from a new corner at left, which appears with “X” symbol next to their names.
  • You can, click the “X” symbol next to the name of the list item to reactivate the inactive list.


  • Saves storage and helps in maintaing important transactions and list.
  • Saves time and increases efficiency.
  • It keeps well records of service , preference, inventory and purchase order that enhances your profit smoothly.

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