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How to Merge Two QuickBooks Company Files

The QuickBooks users can merge their company files using different ways. These different ways are manual and automatic. Both ways work well, but it is recommended to go with the automatic solution by using the combined reports feature of QuickBooks software. In this article, you get to know what cannot be merged and how to … Read more

How to Zero Out Retained Earnings in QuickBooks

The retained earnings in QuickBooks shows the profit and loss of the previous financial year. the retained earnings are automatically filled from your previous account here to the new accounting year as the active your balance. In your balance sheet, if the amount of the current year as total assets is equal to the amount … Read more

How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro

The conversion is done when your business requirements are now changed. If you have not needed any specific reports that you do before this then do switch or convert your software edition.  To convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro can be done by following the 2 procedures that are mentioned below. QuickBooks Enterprise is the upgrade … Read more

How to Merge Vendors in QuickBooks

Are you also looking for a method to merge vendors in the QuickBooks account? Also, searching for the easiest way to get it done. You are required to merge vendors in the QuickBooks account when you have entered the same item with the same name but a different price or vice-versa. There are many more … Read more

How to Transfer QuickBooks from One Computer to Another

You can transfer QuickBooks from one computer to another using the Migrator Tool. This tool is used when you have the QuickBooks 2018 or above version with single-user access. This tool helps you to move your QuickBooks Desktop with up to 3 company files. How Migrator Tool Works? You have to create the complex password … Read more

How to Set Up & Use Barcode Scanner in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Setup & Use the Barcode Scanner in Quickbooks Desktop

By adopting Advanced Inventory, you can work with barcode scanning functionality to increase the efficiency of the QuickBooks Desktop. After you’ve issued barcodes to all of your items, then all you have to do is scan the barcodes when purchasing or selling them. Scanning barcodes also allows for the simultaneous adjustment of item amounts. To … Read more

How to Set Up & Use QuickBooks Scan Manager

Quickbooks Scan Manager Scan & Attach Documents to Transactions

To make accountancy quick, easy, and error-free, Intuit has introduced QuickBooks, perfect accounting software with the most exciting features and tools. QuickBooks Scan Manager is one such QB feature that helps in managing all track inventories and smoothing day-to-day accounting activities. However, setting up the QuickBooks Scan Manager seems to be a tedious task but … Read more

How to Restrict user access in QuickBooks?


QuickBooks desktop users and restrictions QuickBooks accounting software has a provision of multi-user, because of this that you (Admin user) can assign numerous other customers in your QuickBooks application. You have a choice to restrict their access. In this blog, you may know in detail how to Restrict user access in QuickBooks or add customers … Read more

How to Set up and track time off in QuickBooks Payroll?

Let’s explore the detailed steps one by one for Set up and track time off in QuickBooks payroll different version In QuickBooks Payroll, the payment stub of employees is a highlighted term and it is displayed for greater visibility. It is because of several reasons like sick and vacation time disturbances, balances, deficiencies, and more. … Read more