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Fixed Asset Manager

What is Fixed Asset Manager

It’s an integrated type of program or a function of QuickBooks that available in QuickBooks premium accountant, QuickBooks desktop, enterprises accountant, and quick book desktop, enterprises that help to calculate and records the computes description of fixed asserts based on a standard which is published by the IRS. It is an application that is designed to work if QuickBooks desktop is in single-user mode and FAM files are stored on the local drive so the program will not allow you to open the FAM file, it is saved over the network.

Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) is a feature available in QuickBooks Desktop that computes depreciation of fixed assets based on the standards published by the IRS. Here are the terminologies, depreciation methods, and predefined reports in Fixed Asset Manager to help you better manage your asset information.

Fixed Asset Manager Fixed Asset Manager


  • You can easily export QuickBooks items into pro-Series text from 4562 reductions or decline and amortization schedule.
  • It assigns your account to multiple assets.
  • If it can add or change a depreciated method and setting.
  • It deprecating an asset purchased before using fixed asset management.
  • Select the basis on which to post and journal entry to quick book management.


  • It provides users with predefined reports.
  • If it helps you to keep track of the latest changes and backup version to prevent error or any missing information it is based on the calendar year, so you can only export data for the same year of the pro series.
  • It saves users’ time in solving such issues and increases efficiency and accuracy in work with a minimum error.
  • QuickBooks offers its users additional support and the help of experts to help through the situation with the problem.

You can access QuickBooks customer support number + contact remotely in various ways like terminal server, RDP, and some more.

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