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Fix Mismatch Data in Quickbooks

How to fix Mismatch in QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks software always gives its users a smooth service, saves them time, and increases efficiency. But sometimes this software also gets some faults which result in its malfunction. These faults or errors are temporarily a minor setback. These faults can be resolved easily with accurate technical insight. The mismatch of data results in lots of doubts. So, in order to avoid this problem in the future, the user needs to edit their data accurately and fix Mismatch Data in QuickBooks issue carefully.


Steps To Mis-Match Data Issue

  • First, with the appropriate username and password, log in to your Quickbooks account.
  • Use ‘Mac Version, or Quickbooks desktop. Make sure that you properly logged in via the administrative account of your Quickbooks desktop version.
  • Now find the .tlg file and check its name, and resolves .tlg file mismatch.
  • Proper check that .tlg file name is getting matched with the company’s name. In case of the same and correct, then there is no need to fix it.
  • But in case of mismatched, you need to click on the .tlg file and then accurately rename it as on the company’s name.
  • Click ‘ok’ to save.


The error of mismatched data occurs due to the wrong way to edit data and information by users. This problem can easily resolve with the technical help of experts online or through chats that provides by Quickbooks. You can also check the problem solutions with Quickbooks sites and toll-free support. You must be careful and properly aware while resolving this issue.

The QuickBooks technical support number is the ultimate way to contact the support team 24/7 Call us. contact .

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