QuickBooks Banking Error 103 or 310


Banking Error 103 or 310

One of the most common banking error encountered with QuickBooks software is Error Code 103 / 310. The QuickBooks Banking Error 103 basically indicates that the username and password provided with the QuickBooks online version is not in sync with the bank account set by the user and QuickBooks Banking Error 310 indicates the scenario wherein the login process is paused as the user is updating their login details with QuickBooks Online version which also restricts the bank to lockout the account access. These errors at times require technical assistance for which Intuit has setup proficient QuickBooks customer support team.

QuickBooks Banking Error 103 or 310

How to Resolve QuickBooks Banking Error Code 103 and 310

There is an easy and swift resolution provided by Intuit in order to solve the QuickBooks Banking Error Code 103 for which steps are illustrated below:

  1. Locate and select the link stating “Verify Your Credentials” that is provided with the error message. The bank account login page will open on different window wherein the user is required to enter their login credentials. It is recommended to manually fill in the required fields.
  2. Now logout of the account dashboard and the website of the bank.
  3. Next transfer back to QuickBooks online login page and type in same user login credentials in the same format as used on bank login page.
  4. Lastly click on Update Sign-in Info tab

The user might not be able to locate ‘Verify Your Credentials’ link wherein the user will have to update the information from QuickBooks Online itself through following steps:

  • Navigate to top part of the screen in right side and select Update tab.
  • In the non-peak hours user will have to update through same manner at least three times.

Resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 310: Under this user will have to certify login credentials are matching with that of credentials used with bank account. For this follow the steps available below:

  1. From the left side of main menu bar in QuickBooks Online version, click on Banking option.
  2. Select the ‘Pencil’ shaped icon set against the account in order to Edit the information.
  3. Select the tab called Edit Sign-in Info.
  4. A hyperlink will be provided for the bank account’s dashboard located on the top of the screen.
  5. This will open a new window screen related to the bank website. This process of opening the account through the link without any hassle will ensure that there are no issues felt within the credentials used.

The above methods ensures the user is able to login their bank account from QuickBooks online version that too without any fuss. However, if the error still persists then it is time to contact the QuickBooks technical service team with required details listed below:

  1. Name of the Bank or Financial Institution
  2. Bank selected for setting of the account.
  3. The link through which bank account has been accessed out of QuickBooks and URL provided once entered account successfully.
  4. Type of account being accessed.
  5. QuickBooks Banking Error being encountered by the user – 103 / 310.

Once the above details have been provided to required technical experts, prompt resolution can be garnered. If the user is not able to connect with the required customer support due to long queue, they can approach alternative support agencies. One such agency is called BusinessAccountings that can be contacted through Toll Free – 1-800-993-4190.

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