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How to Set Up Accounts For Online Banking

How to Open Online Banking Accounts

QuickBooks provides the option of ‘online banking accounts setups’, which is the most important part of small/medium businesses. QuickBooks provides users with the simplest method to bring all their banking transactions into their QuickBooks accounts. It provides users with banking feed tools that help to import data from bank accounts and match it with the accounts created in QuickBooks.

Setting Up Accounts For Online Banking

Steps To Set-Up Accounts For Online Banking

  • First, go to the QuickBooks homepage and select ‘Banking’ from the menu.
  • Now you need to select ‘Bank Feeds’ from the QuickBooks menu, then choose ‘Set up bank fees for account’.
  • From the toolbar, select the bank’s branch and the name of the bank, you can do this when your account is registered for online banking.
  • You get your transaction, after filling in the above requirement then ‘save’ it.

Steps To Import Banking Transactions Into QuickBooks Account

  • First, go to ‘banking menu’ then select bank fees, then a window appears, from this, you need to select download ‘. QB file.
  • Now select and open a displayed window that asks to open a new QuickBooks account or import it to an already existing account. Select your QuickBooks account and click to import. Once completed, all the data reflect the transaction.


  • QuickBooks software provides regular updates of each transaction and gives feeds on each transaction.
  • It saves your data without any loss and error because of its advanced security program.
  • It saves users most of the time from entering data and records by providing an auto-download facility over each transaction through the account.
  • QuickBooks manages each account easily and systematically by tracking its every detail and transaction.
  • Operating an account through QuickBooks reduces mistakes and increases efficiency.

Here you get to know the steps for account set-up, importing the transactions, and the advantages of it. The information is given by the support team who is here to help you out all around the clock. The members of the team are expert, trained, and professional as they have been in service for the last 2 decades so they better understand all your situations and issues easily. You can also directly reach the support team via QuickBooks customer helpline number.

How to get in touch?

You can easily get in touch with the support team for all kinds of errors and queries. The team can understand and resolve all your technical and functional issues as they have many years of experience as well. You can easily reach them via QuickBooks technical team helpline number 1800(993)4190, email at [email protected], or do a live chat with professionals. They are glad to help you out by providing the best services. The members are well-mannered, mature and friendly so they can easily handle the situations and get you the best solutions for all the glitches.



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