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What is QuickBooks Error 15102?

What is QuickBooks Error 15102?

This error mainly caused when you update QuickBooks Desktop or downloading a payroll. When this error occur you can’t reset update.

What is QuickBooks Error 15102?


  • When share download is active but you indicated invalid or incorrect download location.
  • At times of using Window Vista always run the application as Administrator or logged with Window Administrator. If you avoid this thing, you might face error 15102.
  • This error may also occur when QuickBooks is running in multiuser mode in a terminal service background.

terminal services environment in multiuser mode.

This is quite complicated error thus it is advisable to search for immediate help by professional QuickBooks expert.


NOTE: This error mainly occurs when you are using the older version of QuickBooks. Thus, it is important to update your program and download the newest tax table.

Resolve the error issue:

In case of using multi-user mode, change to single user mode.

Here, only one person can access the company file.

First of all, all people who are using file must exit from the QuickBooks> go to file menu> press Switch to Single-User mode.

In case of accurate download location, rename the folder and reset update.

  • Close the QuickBooks file and remap your drive to a latest letter.
  • Now open your company file via using the latest mapped-drive letter.
  • Now select help > press update QuickBooks.
  • Turn off shared download with help of option tab > press back again.
  • Authenticate the download location is utilizing the newly reset mapped-driver letter.
  • Make it save and close all the applications.
  • Now download the newest tax table once again.

Always confirm that the mapped file location is accurate.

  • Open product info window via pressing CTRL+1. Discover the mapped location, for example: [X]:\[folder name]\[date file name]
  • There is an option available ‘help’, just click on it >choose update QuickBooks.
  • Now click on the option menu and authenticate that the info in download location is accurate.
  • In case of YES (in share download) the drive of both download location and product informative window should be the same.
  • In case of NO (in shared download), the directory of both download location and QuickBooks Desktop installation must be the same.
  • In case of incorrect location, you must change the state of the location.
  • If yes is selected for shared download, then replace it with NO and save the changes.
  • If No is selected for shared download, then replace it with YES and save the changes.
  • Now close everything and download the modern tax table once again.

If you are not able to resolve QuickBooks Error 15102, then you can get in touch with us. To give us a call use our QuickBooks Technical at contact .

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