7 Steps to Fix The QuickBooks Login Related Error

The intuit group has engineered the QuickBooks software for accounting help for small and medium-sized companies. This is a very popular software among such companies and has been o demand among the various companies. The features of the software are very innovative and at the same time, they are user-friendly and extremely professional. The worry of accuracy and managing huge accounting calculations can be forgotten when you have QuickBooks for your aid. The software is highly secured and has a password and other security features to ensure that the data in QuickBooks is perfectly well kept.

The users can however at times face trouble with the registration of a new profile or damaged file or login troubles. Often when you are trying to login to your profile on QuickBooks the users get error messages that the attempt to log in has failed while opening the company data file. This is an indication that you would not be able to open the file unless the trouble is resolved rightly.

To fix and resolve QuickBooks login troubles the users should understand the reason behind the trouble they are facing with the account. The reasons can be varied and here are some of the major reasons why you have trouble trying to log in and register the QuickBooks account.

Causes of QuickBooks Login Related Error

  • The trouble majorly happens when another user who is using the QuickBooks has forgotten to log out of their previous QuickBooks sessions.
  • The username is not valid or it is being used in a different workplace.
  • The trouble could be with the network and the server of the software as well.

Solution for QuickBooks Login Related Error

Once you have found out the reason why the session has not been logged in or there is trouble with the login procedure, the process to manage the trouble should be begun. The users can apply the same procedure for account recovery irrespective of the reason you face trouble in the first place.

  1. First and foremost the users should make sure that they have closed all the QuickBooks sessions that are active.
  2. After that, one should look up the task manager and should click the ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously to get the task manager.
  3. The uses must select the tab called processes from this menu bar.
  4. The users can easily make sure all the open process is being alphabetized by selecting the image name tab.
  5. You need to select all the processes beginning with QB and then right-click the mouse at the end of these sessions.
  6. Try and login to the software once more and if you are rendered unsuccessful try to restart the server that has all the data files of the company.
  7. Another trick would be to restore the previous sessions on your QuickBooks from the backup you have.

If none of these options work, then the best idea would be to get in touch with the company experts at the QuickBooks customer service helpline number which is always there for you.


Feel free to get in touch with the QuickBooks experts at the QuickBooks customer service helpline number. You can manage the trouble with login in very easily.

Source: 99accounting


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