Record Your Bills Directly in the Accounts Payable Registry

QuickBooks helps you maintain accounts and bills in the software for your small and medium business. As an entrepreneur, you depend a lot on the software, and hence you may want to know the best ways you keep the software updated with records. Entering records, vendor, and account information in all the sections of the software is a crucial process that has to be followed methodically and step by step.

Bills can directly record into the accounts payable register in QuickBooks 2017. The method is swift but comes with the drawback of difficulty in the tracking of items and expenses. For direct entry of bills into the accounts payable register the steps are as follows:

4 Steps to record bills into accounts payable

  • Select Lists and go to Chart of Accounts
  • Now the Chart of Accounts opens, you would find the Accounts Payable List. Double click on it to open the Accounts Payable Register
  • Just like you enter information in the Enter Bills window, you enter the same information in the same way here too. Click on the down arrow you get on the Vendor Text Box, and select a name from the list you get. If the software did not identify the name, then the message with the Vendor not found is shown on your screen. However, QuickBooks will prompt you to enter information for the new name. Now you get two choices here. You may add Quick Add that will make QuickBooks extract info from the register. You may also choose Set Up to enter info one by one then. To do this you will have to enter the account name. If the account already exists you will get the name from the drop-down list. Else you will have to enter one on your own. Then you will get the Account not found a box to help you fill in info about this new account. You may choose to Edit Transactions with the button in the Enter Bills window. So that later you may trackback items and expenses and get reimbursed for the check.
  • After you are done with filling in all the required information, you will have to click on Record. Just beside the Record button, you would also get the Restore You may use this option if after filling the whole register you feel like you may want to edit entries, remove all, or start from the beginning again. If you click it the info on the screen will be cleared off and you may start again. Else you may click on Record and save things.

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