Restore Portable File in QuickBooks 2017

QuickBooks portable company file is a compact file of the financial data. Often it is used for sending a company data by E-mail or by portable media like an external drive or flash drive. QuickBooks is an effective tool to resolve data problems also, QuickBooks Desktop re-indexes file at the time of restoring a portable financial file. .qbm file does not include logos, images, templates, or letters. QuickBooks portable company file also does not contain a transaction log. Here you know how to create or restore the portable file in QuickBooks.

How to create a QuickBooks portable company file?

For creating a QuickBooks portable company file you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: choose file
  • Step 2: create a copy
  • Step 3: Select the portable file
  • Step 4: Click on Next
  • Step 5: Click Save in then select Desktop
  • Step 6: Click on Save Ok (twice)

How to restore a QuickBooks portable company file?

For restoring QuickBooks portable financial file you need to follow these important steps:

  • Step 1: choose file
  • Step 2: open company
  • Step 3: Click on restore portable file.
  • Step 4: Select Next
  • Step 5: click on the .qbm file (Company name) saved on the desktop. (N.B: if your .qbm file is saved in other locations then you need to go to that very location to restore the file.)
  • Step 6: Click on Open
  • Step 7: read carefully the message that appears before you proceed.
  • Step 8: Click on Next.
  • Step 9: you can change the file name if it is necessary.
  • Step 10: Finally click on save.

QuickBooks portable company file overview

A portable company file is the compact version of a file, containing only financial data. It is very small and enough to send via E-mail or saved to a portable media file. In case you need to move the financial data of your company to another location or even send it to another person, you can use a portable financial file. As soon as the files are restored, you can access them through both single and multi-user modes. For accessing through different modes enable multi-user mode in QuickBooks.

How do portable file works?

QuickBooks portable company file is the compressed version of a financial file and it contains only financial data. By using QuickBooks you can create a portable company file (.qbm); also you can send or copy it to another location. Then you restore it as a normal company file (.qbm). When the user restores the QuickBooks portable company file QuickBooks first uncompress the portable file and then rebuild the company file for making it useful.

Importance of QuickBooks portable company file

QuickBooks portable company file is very important if you want to manage your company file, especially the financial data, in an easy and right way. QuickBooks compresses your long company file and makes it suitable for sending through E-mail. By this, you can move the financial details of your company to another location, or even to another person you want.

Restoring a portable file in QuickBooks 2017 is not very tough, only you need to follow the right process. If you go through the above discussion carefully, you can manage this easily. In case you face any problem while restoring this portable file, then feel free to contact the QuickBooks Technical Help team.

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