Backing Up and Restoring a Company File in Quickbooks



Restore a backup of your company file in QUickBooks

QB’S maintains company data up to date. This enhances not only your business, but also increases skills and confidence among owners and employees. It includes information like invoices, workers, vehicles, transactions, bills, new hirings, maintenance bills, etc. in a most pleasing manner accurately and systematically.

Backing-Up-Restoring-a-Company File In QuickBooks

Points to Restore a Company File in QuickBooks

1: First switch to single user mode.

2: Insert CD’S, USB flash drive, etc. for your backup, when it is not in your hard disk.

3: From QB’S, go to file menu and click on restore company file and open restore wizard.

4: Evaluate the date, time of backup and file name to distinguish b/w files.

5: Then click to restore a ‘backup copy’ (qbb extension), proceed next.

6: Click “local backup” and go “next”.

7: Open your backup copy on window and navigate it using “Look in Drop-down” option.

8: Click to select the backup file and go next.

9: Click save “Backup file” to restore your backup file.

10: After the file being saved, Quickbooks answered you by saying “your data has been restored”.


1: If Quickbooks finds an existing file with the same name and data, then it obtained you to replace it or generate a separate copy of it by giving different name.

2: All your company data will be stored in the same location, so that you can easily get a particular record.

3: It provides “qbw’ extension, so that your company file gets converted into a regular company file.

While working with QuickBooks, when you may find a message like this “Can’t remove logfile” and “This is an invalid format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File” which means  you face “QuickBooks Restore Failed error” issue.

Major symptoms of “QuickBooks Restore Failed Error”

  • When you restore the existing backup file.
  • When you select the wrong backup file to restore it.
  • While restoring the backup file, your system is not upgraded with the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • When you restore the backup file with USB flash drive.

Some basic causes due to which QuickBooks Restore failed error issue create

  • A damaged or corrupted file is the major cause behind this error issue.
  • When you choose the wrong backup path to restore the company file.
  • When your company files are saved with special characters, which is not accessible.
  • When you restored your company file with the older version.
  • When you try to restore your backup file in an existing file in your system.

How to reach us?

After implementing all the above steps, if you are still not able to resolve this error issue, simply call us at 1-800-993-4190 and get full assistance to rectify your doubts and resolve your error issue. To know more about QuickBooks, drop your all queries at our official website You can also chat with our experts via the LIVE CHAT link. At your service, our technical and non-technical customer support team is 24/7 available to reply back your all queries.


Backup of a file secures your record and data. This helps to face tax related issues with transparency. Users can easily compare their performance of profit and loss easily and take steps to enhance their profit. It helps users to maintain employee payment and other bills quickly.

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