How to Find Company File in QuickBooks

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QuickBooks Company File

In this article we will look at the ways you can look for the Find QuickBooks Company File, and other related information that you should know to deal with the Company Files in QuickBooks. So let us get started!

Did you move your company file?

QuickBooks can’t find your company file. If you moved your QuickBooks company file recently, you’ll need to point QuickBooks to the location, you can do this by searching for your company file using ‘find’ in the start menu.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Company File Not Found

  • A QuickBooks company file is relocated to a new place
  • Incidental deletion of the QuickBooks company file locally, or on the server
  • QB company file not found in multi-user mode due to variable network connectivity
  • When you try to open a QuickBooks company file using the erroneous option

Where exactly does QuickBooks save the Company Files?

Below you will find two easy ways to look for Company Files in QuickBooks:

Method 1:

  • Open QuickBooks on your computer or laptop.
  • Click on ‘File.’
  • A drop down list will appear in front of you. Please select ‘Open Previous Company’ option.
  • On opening of the ‘Previous Company’ you will be shown the exact location of each Company file. You can follow the paths which are shown against each file to get to any desired Company file.
  • In case you are using multiple QuickBooks company files, you will find upto four company files while you follow this method.

Method 2:

Another way to look for company files on QuickBooks is as follows:

  • Press F2 key on your keyboard.
  • Alternatively you can also press ‘Control’ button and ‘1’ number key together.
  • You will see a new window opening up on your screen.
  • In this window you will find many data files of the QuickBooks you are using.
  • Scroll through to locate the specific Company file you are looking for.
  • Once you select the desired Company file, you will be shown the path of the selected file. With the help of the path shown you can easily trace the saving location of the company file.

How to restore a backup Company File on QuickBooks:

In this section you will find ways of restoring a backup of the Company File on QuickBooks. Please follow the steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks on your computer.
  • Click on ‘File’ menu.
  • From the drop down list please select ‘Open or Restore Company’ option.
  • Now you need to choose ‘Restore a backup copy’ option.
  • Then click on ‘Next.’
  • Now choose a ‘Local Backup’ option.
  • Again click on ‘Next.’
  • Click on ‘Look In.’
  • A drop down list will appear from which you can choose the location of the backup file.
  • Please choose the backup file from the folder.
  • Click on ‘Open.’
  • Then click on ‘Next.’
  • Now click on ‘Save in’ option.
  • Here you can choose a desired location to save the restored company file on QuickBooks.
  • Now in the ‘File Name’ section, type in your desired file name for the Company File. Choose a descriptive file name so that it becomes easy for you to remember the details of the file for the future use.
  • Click ‘Save.’
  • Follow the on screen instructions for completing the restoration process.

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