How to Create & Edit Customers in Quickbooks Pro

How to Create and Editing Customers in Quickbooks Pro

QuickBooks optioned its regular to create and edit customers with the heaps of easy tools. It includes all details of customers such as name, address, time, email address, Creating and Editing Customers in Quickbooks Pro contact details, etc. QuickBooks software keeps all data confidential with advance security system. It provides its customers and users with the auto-download facility and provides shortcuts for fast editing with customer details.

Creating and Editing Customers in Quickbooks Pro

Steps To Create/Edit Customers

  • First open your QuickBooks account, than enter your customers from ‘customer’ option. Edit details including Name, Email, contact number and other information.
  • Now QuickBooks also provides users with the option to add customer spreadsheet into QuickBooks. Then format your spreadsheet in column titles.
  • Once completed, you need to click on browse and open the spreadsheet.
  • Now choose excel column and map your spreadsheet data in the fields of QuickBooks.
  • Than preview all your data and make changes if needed, click to ‘import’.
  • After that click to “New customers” option to enter a new customer manually.
  • Go through customers’ information/details.
  • Now close the edit window, after finished with editing a customer with all changes in customer fields regarding name, address, contact information and email address.

Advantages Of Creating And Editing Customers

  • It keeps track over the customer who owed money and paid you.
  • It saves you time and provides a secure transaction without any error or mistakes while creating customers.

So, creating a customer with QuickBooks provides you with saving and easy tools and some simple methods. Creating and Editing Customers in Quickbooks Pro Users are also provided by experts help in order to sort-out with problems Solved Call us contact .

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