How to Enable Credit Card Protection in Quickbooks

Enabling Credit Card Protection Online Service

QuickBooks is an accounting software that mainly operated by small and medium business owners. QuickBooks provides more safe and secure methods of payments in businesses. Enabling Credit Card Protection It records and manages accounting data as well as it obtained their users to sign their credit card with QuickBooks software. To make secure payment and avoid users from getting any fraud, the users need to enable the feature of credit card protection of QuickBooks.

Enabling Credit Card Protection


  • First open your QuickBooks account with proper username and password, then update with your password protection requirement.
  • This enables users with passwords.
  • Than edit complex and strong password with minimum seven characters in which one is upper case and one is lower case.
  • QuickBooks provides you to set/change your password within 90 days or you can also change in between 90 days for any reason carefully to maintain security.
  • Now from QuickBooks menu, then click on ‘customer’ option and enable credit card protection.
  • A dialog get opens on clicking with an option ‘Enable Protection’.
  • From the dialog box, edit your complex/secure password with above suggested conditions. And maintain a confidential copy of password with you.
  • User’s can also add other security option to make password and security stronger and safer.
  • Once completed, click ‘ok’ to set a new secure password for your password.


  • Provides users a safe and fast transaction without any fraud.
  • Provides a printed record over each transaction made by users.
  • You can easily check with your account information at any time and saves users time. Dial 1800-9934190 BusinessAccountings.

Source: 99accounting


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