How to Email Pay Stubs From QuickBooks Desktop

Email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks

You can email pay stubs to your workers straightforwardly from QuickBooks Desktop. Pay stubs are conveyed as secret key secured PDF connections, which protect the organization and design of the compensation receipt. As a result of accepting the email and entering their one-of-a-kind secret key, the individual can essentially spare and print the compensation stub from a neighborhood PC. Representative password insurance is set up to expand the security of employee data.

QuickBooks Desktop utilizes the organization’s email address as the sender (From field) and the representative’s email address as the beneficiary (To field). There are chances that your organization document does not include an email address for the organization or for the representative, you’ll be provoked to enter the data when you email a compensation stub to the employee. However, you can fix complex errors with QuickBooks support.

Email Pay Stubs From QuickBooks Desktop

The below steps would guide you to email pay stubs from QuickBooks desktop:

  • Confirm email settings in QuickBooks Desktop.
  1. Guarantee QuickBooks is refreshed to the most recent discharge.
  2. From the Edit menu, go to Preferences.
  • On the left sheet, pick Send Forms at that point go to the My Preferences tab.
  1. In the Send email utilizing: area, select:
  2. Web Mail: on the off chance that you need to utilize administrations, for example, Gmail, Yahoo, and so forth… to send your messages.
  3. Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select OK
  • Guarantee you are in single-client mode (File >Switch to Single-client mode).
  • From the QuickBooks File menu, select Print Forms and click Pay Stubs.
  • Make sure the Bank Account is right.
  • Check from and through dates and refresh them to coordinate the paycheck date.
  • Select the worker/s you need to email the pay stub to.
  • (Discretionary) Click Preview to see points of interest in Pay stubs before sending them.
  • Select Email.
  • Observe every representative’s compensation stub secret key. Make sure to email the secret key to them.

NOTE: The worker’s watchword, which is naturally created, is the initial four alphabetic characters of the representative’s last name (in lowercase) trailed by the last four digits of the representative’s Social Security number. You can alter the email message that goes with the compensation stub to portray this secret word plan to your representatives.

  • Click OK twice.
  • Enter every representative’s email address at that point click OK.
  • Confirm all data is right at that point and click Send Now.

A Brief Insight into QuickBooks Paystubs

Paystubs in QuickBooks signify the intricate wages and salary breakdowns of the employees. The paystubs include information about the amount deducted in taxes and the other expense heads. Paystubs are important at the time of references, loans, etc. The paystubs feature significant credentials like an email ID, the name of the firm, a contact number, an address, etc. Also, while mailing from the latest version of QuickBooks (QuickBooks 2023), you will receive a PDF file like a printable check. Thus, as you print the file, you will get a hard copy of the company details. 

Steps to Follow When Employees Do Not Receive Paystubs

 Employees may sometimes face difficulty receiving mail. During such dire situations, the company must: 

  • Send test emails to your own email address. If you face the same situation, the problem is with your mail account.
  • Ask the employees to check the spam or promotional folders, as filters may block the mail.
  • The password that the employee uses must be valid; otherwise, they must fix the webmail password.

The other alternatives to sending paystubs to employees are as follows:

  • Invite the employees to QuickBooks Workforce.
  • Add the email addresses of the employees and prepare the invitations.
  • Tap on the employees in the Employee Centre.
  • Give them administrative privileges.
  • Double-tap on the employee you want to invite.
  • Repeat the steps every time you wish to send their employees an invite.
  • Click on the menu of Employees and browse the Manage Payroll Cloud Services. The option is only available in the latest version.
  • On the QuickBooks Workforce, press the Invite Employees tab.

If the employee is new to the firm, then: 

  • Go to Employees and the Employee Centre.
  • Go to the Add New option and add the details, like an email ID.
  • The rest of the steps are the same as those of the above-mentioned steps.

The next step is to upload the current paychecks. You can also upload the W-2s automatically through the portal. As soon as you send the invite, the employee on the other end will receive a link to set up the QuickBooks Workforce. Through this link, they can add their personal information and view their pay stubs.

How do I invite employees for pay stubs in QuickBooks Online Payroll?

 QuickBooks is a versatile app. It offers the employee the opportunity to view their payroll electronically. The QB workforce can also access the QB Online Payroll. Here’s how:

  • To provide the employee access, they must have an email ID, which is not used in the QB Online Account.
  • In the payroll, click on Employees.
  • Add their details, like their name and address.
  • Click Done

While sending the invite, you can select multiple employees or an individual employee at once. All you need to do is select the employees, enter their email addresses, and hit “send invitations. They will set up the workforce account and view the paystubs. 

How do I resend an invitation?

There are many reasons why you may have to resend the invitation:

  • The employees didn’t receive the earlier invitation.
  • The incorrect email address
  • If the employee has taken a new email address.

To cancel or resend the invitation:

  • Click on Employees and hit Payroll Setup.
  • From the Action drop-down of the employee list, select the resend or cancel option.
  • Exit from the setup window. 

How do I disable QB Workforce? 

You always have the option to turn off QuickBooks Workforce when you do not need it. Just follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Employees
  • Click on Manage Payroll Cloud Services.
  • Hit the workforce off. 


With this step-by-step guide, you can seamlessly email the paystub to your QuickBooks workforce. Following the above steps will also let your employees access their paystubs. Still, if you come across any difficulty at any point in time, contact QB customer care. They offer a prompt solution to every problem.

QuickBooks Technical

QuickBooks in all of its versions have delivered features that are coping with the ongoing technology and enable its users to have in-time solutions to any concern on the way. For every work done in QuickBooks, there are multiple ways, so that anything which pops up an issue has an alternative for real-time situations. To understand the complexities and solutions to your concerns you can call on QuickBooks Technical Service contact which is toll-free. We have QuickBooks experts who would guide you through the software and will also enable you to utilize the different features of QuickBooks.


What should I do if I cannot set up the QB Workforce paystubs?

Ans: Follow the steps given above to send invitations to your employees. The steps will guide you through each minute procedure to perform the task. If you still fail to do it, you can contact QuickBooks customer care for ultimate assistance.

Can I disable my QB workforce?

Ans: If you are no longer using the QB Workforce, you always have the option to disable it. These simple steps will guide you to do so:

  • In the Employees Section, tap on Manage Payroll Cloud Services.
  • Click on the Workforce Off” option.

Can my employees access their paystubs if I change the payroll service?

Ans:- Well, the scenario is different for different versions of QB. If you are a QuickBooks Desktop user, your employees cannot access the paystubs when you change the service. On the other hand, QuickBooks Online employees have the privilege of accessing their details for a year.

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