How to Enter Statements Charges in Quickbooks

Creating Statement Charges in QuickBooks

QuickBooks enables its users to add charges directly to a customer’s account and allows users to transfer expenses to the QuickBooks billing statement. Entering Statements Charges Statements are mainly useful in summing up a customer’s current balance and make easy to receive payments on them. It’s upto date customers account and secure statement data.

‘REMEMBER’- First set up your QuickBooks software properly and correctly so that you can receive more accurate and faster financial data.

Entering Statements ChargesEntering Statements Charges

Steps To Add Statements Charges

  • First go to ‘Customer’ option, then select ‘Enter Statement Charges’ from customer menu.
  • Then, choose ‘Customer’ from the displayed ‘A/R customer window’ option.
  • Now choose the correct job for your customer. QuickBooks provides you separate registers for each job.
  • Then, edit the date, for monthly charge, you need to be dated, it as the first of the month and for a previous charge, dated it as today’s date.
  • Add information regarding number, item, quantity, rate, and class.
  • For already recorded billed customers, click on the time / cost option and put a check mark in front of any entries that you want to billed and click ‘ok’.
  • Then click to ‘Record’.
  • Now you can print or email created statement to the customer from ‘Customer Create statement’ option and then select ‘customer and the date’.
  • Click on the preview button to see the added charges in a statement and save it.

Advantages of Statements Charges

  • It eliminates the  needs of duplicate data entry.
  • Provides you accurate financial statement and keep track over each track efficiently.
  • It saves the precious time of users and customers with less data entry.
  • Creates statements with email and facility.

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